Taking A Month Off From Air Travel

I am so totally, utterly, and completely sick of air travel.  If you follow me on Twitter, you’ve had to put up with me whining for the past week on my Denver to Seattle to Los Angeles to San Francisco to Denver travel fiasco (hint: not a single plane was on time.)  I hurt my back playing tennis ten days ago so the extra stimuli of lower back pain made the experience extra-special enjoyable.

I fly a lot – mostly on United (for the compulsively curious, take a look at my Daytum page which lists all my travel from the beginning on 2009.)  I usually refer to it as Untied.  I’ve decided to start referring to it as United-Sucks.

As I sit in the San Francisco Red Carpet Club waiting for yet another three hour delayed flight (sorry – the airplane broke – but guess what – we found another one – just wait a while), I decided I’m not going to travel by air at all in August.   I’m just worn out, cranky, and not doing anyone (especially my twitter followers) any favors by adding insult to injury.

Let’s see if a month of no air travel fixes my very bad attitude.

  • I heard a rumor that spending time in Keystone resting, running and staring at the peaks is a good way to forget about air travel for a while. Feel better.

    • That would be the second half of August!

  • "As I sit in the San Francisco Red Carpet Club…" ???????????????????????????????????????



    • Yeah – I guess that was mildly gratuitous. I could have been sitting on the floor by the gate – that would have been worse.

  • Phil

    You're wealthy Brad, why aren't you flying on your own private jet, or at least one of those timeshare jets that FlexJet or other companies offer?

    • I can’t stand to spend the money to fly private.  I’ve never been able to get my mind around a 5x – 10x difference in price.

  • jason jergins

    i would offer you the opportunity to tweet from my Gulfstream V, but YOU DID NOT FUND MY COMPANY

  • DaveJ

    The ads showing up here are hilarious. Flights to Australia, flying lessons.

  • That’s contextual matching for you!

  • I hate flying too although my recent experiences with Southwest have been fantastic. Have you had any luck with them? They just put a bid out to acquire Frontier so they may become a real player in the Denver market. Their frequent flyer program sucks though. Can't wait to hear how your month off goes!

  • I love Southwest.  They are – IMHO – the best airline.

  • i disagree with Southwest being the best … i tried boarding in a belly shirt and no bra – and they threw me off … was not "family-oriented" enough.

    well, i am trying to START a family if you know what i mean.

    for me, nothing beats Frontier …. where is your loyalty to the local businesses there?

    you a sellout?

    • Frontier is ok, but I like Southwest better.  Plus, Southwest has figured out how to run a profitable airline, which scores them bonus points with me.

  • Gave up on United long time ago. Started flying Continental, they were much, much better! Not sure if they still are, it's been awhile. I think you'll need more than a month off though…….

  • Jason

    General Aviation may not make economic sense, but it sure is a whole lot more pleasant than the airlines. Depending on the distances you're flying you may not even need to go by jet to make it faster once you factor in closer proximity of airports, fewer security hassles and flying on your schedule instead of the airlines schedule.

  • David Campbell

    Your whinging will stop here, sir 🙂


    • I saw this when it first made the rounds and IT IS AWESOME.  Thanks for taking me back down to reality.

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  • Matt Johnson

    I've been in seat 16C consistently for 20 weeks now on the Den-Ewr united flight from 7:12 to 12:30am (aka 2:30am) returning 8:30pm (aka 10:00pm) on Friday. I would love to fly Frontier but they fly into LGA and it makes a big difference when you're not actually going into NYC but suburban Jersey. Southwest goes into Islip I'm not even sure that's a real place and not something they just made up. Southwest is a great marketing machine, they have the reputation for low prices that you have to check just every trip to make sure… but only once from Denver and only on the handful of trips I've taken between SJC and LAX have they actually had a 7 or 14 day advance lower than United. Believe it or not. Bottom line, I share your pain.

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