It’s Finally Time to Get Under 200 Pounds

The DailyBurn Fitness Challenge started today.  For those of you that don’t know DailyBurn, it’s one of the TechStars Boulder 2008 companies (it used to be called Gyminee).  More on the fitness challenge from Andy Smith, the CEO.

This morning I weighed in at an uncomfortably high weight (fuck, fuck, fuck) – not quite as high as my jihad inspiring weight – but uncomfortable.  I refuse to be over 200 pounds on the anniversary of my jihad on my weight (10/27).  So, I’m going to get religious about using DailyBurn.

Fortunately for me, the DailyBurn iPhone app was released today.  This was one of the things holding up my extreme discipline to using DailyBurn and used to provide me with another excuse not to log my food (as in, “well, there’s no DailyBurn iPhone app so I forgot to log my food.)  Busted.

Come join the DailyBurn Fitness Challenge and encourage me.  I’m bfeld.  Begone weight, begone!

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  • hmmm….I never used daily burn before. That was is new to me! That's one thing I cant get right all the time. logging my food and keeping track can be a pain.

  • Thanks for the tip! Joined immediately (wfaler on dailyburn, @wfaler on twitter).

    I had a bet back in may with a friend that I would be able to loose 5kg by mid-july, a bet I eventually won.
    However, this looks quite impressive, I'll probably use it to track future progress (and bets!). 🙂

    In terms of fat loss and exercise, I found that diet is infinitely more important than exercise once you get over 30 – I was doing really punishing workouts, yet getting very slow results, until I temporarily (2 weeks) cut most carbs (yet ate normal amounts of other foods, such as any meat), which resulted in the fat literally melting off my body..

    • Yeah – it’s really amazing.  As a marathon running, I run a lot but just can’t lose weight that way.  The only way I lose it is to track everything I eat.

  • Try CrossFIt! you will loose weight immediately without changing your diet. Intense workout three days/week that take about 30 minutes. Here is the link to the CrossFIt in Delray Beach: you can check out the workout of the day "WOD" there. I am sure there is one close to you though. IT has made me feel 10 years younder and I am competing with the 20 and 30 year olds.

    • Jack, I love Crossfit too… I have my level 1 cert and think it is a great program. DailyBurn has some "secret" WOD tracking at

  • i am surprised they even LET you LIVE in Boulder being that heavy.

    • Yeah – every now and then I have to dodge the weigh in stations.

  • I've been using the Livestrong app, but thought I would give Daily Burn a try after reading your post. The interface is much nicer and has more bells and whistles. But in the first few hours since I got it, the iPhone app has crashed a number of times. And the food database seems a bit off — the pics are a nice touch but sometimes don't match the product at all (not even the same type of food) and the database seems pickier about search terms than Livestrong.

    I will spend a few days double entering data to see how it works out, though. I have definitely found that logging food helps shed the pounds — maybe it will help me beat you to 200 pounds! 🙂

    • I had a few crashes yesterday.  I finally figured out that I had gotten an SMS message while running the app.  This must have messed something up somewhere.  So – I read the SMS message, started / stopped the app, and was happy again.

    • Chip, thanks for the feedback. We found a but that was causing the crash (mostly during food search while the app is trying to sync). We have submitted a fix to Apple, so hopefully the update will go live soon (although from experience it seems to take a week or so for Apple to update). If you see any other issues, be sure to ping us at

      – Andy (Co-founder, DailyBurn)

      • I think that's the bug I experienced. It was during food search right after I opened the app (which I assume is when syncing occurs). I have played with it more since my first comment and jumped in with both feet. There's enough additional functionality beyond what I was using that I'm willing to work through the bugs as you grow.

  • Check out The End of Overeating: Taking Control of the Insatiable American Appetite, by David Kessler, former FDA commissioner. It's available on the Kindle. It's an interesting book about how the brain gets fooled by today's food.

  • Try High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) . If you combine that with a good carbohydrate cycling diet, you'll lose weight in no time. I've done this combo and lost 8% body fat in 10 weeks. 80% of the battle is the diet.

  • You'll definitely drop the weight dude. I weighed in at 216 on June 23rd. Today I'm a svelt 176…down 40 pounds baby. Used WeightBot on my iPhone to keep track of things, RunKeeper to make sure I was working out on the bike, public humiliation sharing my workouts on FaceBook and Twitter, and at my Mom's suggestion, I'm doing the Flat Belly Diet. Ashamed to say, I think my Mom's diet suggestion had the most impact. Damn, do I miss eating though!

  • I have been utilizing Lose It! to track my food and exercise and its been very easy to use. I've downloaded and plan to try DailyBurn, I already like its website interaction… Per Chris Spangnuolo – "public humiliation" should keep me better motivated and some join the Boulder skinny guys club…

  • Yeah – public humiliation seems to be a strong motivator for me also.

  • Of course you know it's not the exercise, it's the food. You already exercise more than just about anyone we know. There's no amount of exercise that can counteract the American diet. 😉 Eating clean is the only way out.

    Rely on the simple stuff:

    1) Eat less, more often. Try oatmeal for breakfast, apple for morning snack, salad for lunch, cottage cheese in the afternoon, lean protein and vegetables for dinner, plain yogurt before bed. No hunger, plenty of food to power a runner.

    2) Cut out calorie-containing drinks. No sodas, juice, alcohol, etc. Drink water, and eat your fruit whole, not as juice.

    3) Eat three servings of fruit and veggies each day. Yeah fruit is sugary but it's good for you. And getting those veggies in will likely displace something else less good for you.

    4) No processed grains. Only whole grains. Ezekiel bread is delicious and a complete protein.

    5) No "modern" food. No processed sugars, chain food, etc. Basically only eat things whose origin you can easily trace. 😉

    Here's a post I reluctantly wrote on the topic a few weeks back:

    I actually highly recommend the "Muscle Chow" book for someone like you who exercises a lot and wants to eat cleaner, too.


    • Your post was awesome.  And I know all this stuff.  Now I just need to do it!

  • Ok, so I gave DailyBurn a week's trial and I'm leaving it. The web and iPhone apps are just too buggy and I need to re-enter data multiple times to work around bugs. Furthermore, common operations take way too many clicks and require slow page loads… very—no extremely–frustrating.

    I used "Lose it!" before and I'm going back to it. It's a pure iPhone app that does almost everything that DailyBurn does, except the social aspect, which I thought was a great idea. However, it's better design and without wiping out my data. Crashes I can live with. Data loss, however, I cannot!

    So, sorry to say, but DailyBurn is missing the mark. Nonetheless, thank you for inspiring me to get back on a regular schedule! 🙂

    • Sorry to hear you are having some problems.

      We are not aware of any data loss issues, so please report your problems at Even if you switch back to Lose it, we would still like to look into the issue for other users.

      The crashes on the iPhone app have been fixed, we are just waiting on Apple to release the update. Hopefully that will be soon… we had them fixed the day after the app was released.

      Also, if you were not pleased with the food portion of the iPhone app, stay tuned… We have a food tracking specific micro app for iPhone coming out very soon and it should be very fast.

      I hope you will stick around!

  • Glad to get you back on a schedule.  I haven’t had data loss issues myself, but I have had a few recurring regularly crashes.  My understanding is that the guys at DailyBurn are releasing an update soon.

  • Kevin


    You run marathons all the time. Will a new app really help?

    You want sustainable change. You need structure and accountability to help make changes in your life, unless you want to yo-yo on and off various jihads.

    You are a smart, successful guy, but you can't do this by yourself. Obviously.

    You've received the advice already, but so far as I can tell, it's been ignored. And yet you still need to lose weight.

    Lose the scale, focus on fitness.

    CrossFit in boulder:

    Choose your favorite. Go as consistently as you can for 3 months. Then try not to sign all your friends up.

    Shiny new apps won't help you now. If long slow distance work was effective, you wouldn't be here. Why not try Short, hard as hell. What do you have to lose?

    Time to stoke the flame.

    • I love Crossfit and have a Level 1 cert. Why not do both? Do Crossfit and track with an app?

      In fact, isn't Crossfit pretty big on tracking? Recording times, rounds, etc. is a great way to push yourself next time. Crossfitters are normally really into nutrition as well (particularly Zone and Paleo diets). We plan to have tools to support this some day… 🙂

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