VCs on Twitter

Yesterday, I wrote about the new VC Blogger Network powered by Lijit.  A handful of VCs emailed me asking to be added to the network (which has been done).  There’s no time limit so if you are a VC and want to join, just email me.

In the mean time, I neglected to mention a super cool site called Venture MavenGreg Galant and several others put this together – it’s a great aggregation of VCs who tweet – both individually and by firm (quick – name all the firms that have 100% of the partners tweeting).  If you are a VCtweeter and are not on the list, wander over now and add yourself.

And, as the bonus round, go check out Twittorati, a list of the Technorati Top 100 and their tweets. 

A year ago, if you had asked me a year ago if I would write a post with the word tweet in it so many times, I would have twittered at you.

  • has also created a great list of Entrepreneurs as well as VCs on twitter. You can use to follow the full list.


    VCs (as a line of text to copy/paste into ninjafollow):

  • VC or not, all businesses should use Lijit…it's great

  • "A year ago, if you had asked me a year ago if I would write a post with the word tweet in it so many times, I would have twittered at you."

    I'd ask whether in a year you will still care about twitter much less write about. I'm not sure that "Real Time" can be sustained by those currently frittering away their lives and productivity for the immediate ego satisfaction of the attention of others. Its not that I don't see value in the tool, but I think the value will be a much smaller component of aggregated and filtered communications.

    My real "real time" life is crazy enough. I don't need a fire hose of information added to it. Yes, I can filter it out and I do, but with a world overwhelmed with too much to do and not enough time for the important things, should we be creating and promoting tools that take even more of that away?

    How do we create the filters and tools that will bring value back to life and will aggregate and synthesize information that brings us back to a mindful reality?

  • I think a lot of people enjoy the mindless non-reality!

    • LOL. Obviously they do… for now.

      I'm not saying that digital isn't real nor that it can't be mindful, but I am an information junkie and can't keep up with my RSS feeds, much less my Friendfeed, Twitter, and Face book accounts and still do my job effectively and spend time with my family that doesn't include staring at my iphone for hours.

      Much of my reality is digital and has been for 2 plus decades, but I still think people are going to burn out on real time tools like twitter…. eventually. I do it, because I have to to be successful at my job, but mostly I pay others to do it for me and we are doing it well, but its too damn much to do by myself.

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