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I’ve long been fascinated by venture capitalists who blog.  I’ve also spent a lot of time in and around various blog networks, as a participant, as an investor, and as an technology supplier.

A few months ago Lijit rolled out their “Blogger Network” service and I created a new version of the VC Bloggers Network that I have been managing for a while.  On the right hand side is a blogroll of all of the VCs in the network (if you are a VC blogger and you aren’t on the list, just email me and I’ll get you added.)  All of the other bloggy stuff is here (the site is powered by WordPress) including an RSS feed for all the aggregated content, archives, tags, and the recent content.

The special magic happy thing is the search box at the top right of the page.


This is a search capability across the entire content generated by the VC Bloggers Network.  If you want to search for something you “remember from a VC blogger, but can’t remember who wrote it”, this is a good place to search.  Or, if you want to learn more about something like the “Glue” theme that Foundry Group invests in, you’ll get a very different search result from Glue on the VC Bloggers Network than you will from Glue on Google or Glue on Bing.

Give it a try and tell me what you think.  Reminder – if you are a VC Blogger that isn’t in on the blogroll, just email me.  If you are a VC Blogger that isn’t using Lijit’s search service (it’s free), or for that matter any blogger that isn’t using it, give it a try.  As a special bonus, or for more context, see what our friends at Google Blogger just wrote in their Partner Profile on Lijit.

  • Brad, I think the title of each post should include the name of the VC who wrote the article, with perhaps a link to the original source.

    • Good suggestion.  This currently appears at the bottom of each post (the last line – By <authorname>) although (a) it’s not obviously visible (I agree it should be below the title) and it doesn’t map to the name of the poster per the blogroll.  I’ll work on both.

  • Chris Arsenault


    Great initiative. Very helpful for both VCs and Entrepreneurs alike. FYI – the CVCA (the VC & PE association in Canada) has a similar but at a smaller scale, type of reposting blog for VCs and is trying to follow VCs on Twitter as well @CVCACanada. Its great that we are starting to make use of the technologies and companies we invest in!

  • Nice implementation. I didn't realize Lijit had this capability. For an even more encompassing aggregator that groups VC blogs, mining of vc deals, angels, start-ups and with faceted navigation, social media linkages & automatic semantic tagging, try this:

    • Nice site – thanks for pointing it out.

  • thanks very nice

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