Sensobi – A Better Address Book For Your BlackBerry

I spent last Thursday at TechStars Boston meeting with all of the TechStars Boston 2009 teams.  They’ve all made a ton of progress since I met with them a month ago and many of them are shaping up really nicely.

A few of them are starting to be more public about what they are up to.  One of them – Sensobi – is ready to roll.  I’m not a BlackBerry user (I use an iPhone), but when I fiddled around with their app on a BlackBerry a month ago I totally got it.   BlackBerryCool calls it an “enterprise-grade address book.”

If you are a BlackBerry user give it a try – you can sign up using my magic special invite code.  The Sensobi guys – Andy and Ajay – are interested in your feedback.

Update: My magic special invite code is all used up at this point.  It turns out that Boy Genius also wrote a post today (Get ‘em while they’re hot: 200 Sensobi invites for BGR readers) and the well has run temporarily dry.  More soon.

  • Jordan

    Already sold out!

  • Crap – that was fast.  I’ll ask Sensobi to toss some more on there.

  • T_Armstrong

    I snagged a download this morning. Looks like a great tool. Have these guys met with/worked with the guys from Gist. Seems like there might be some possibilities for Collaboration.

    I'm still messing around with it and figuring out how best to incorporate it into my life, but I'm a big fan so far. Thanks for the post and the link!

  • Yup – they are connected with Gist – that was easy since I’m an investor in Gist and in TechStars (where Sensobi is part of the TechStars program).  But – your suggestion is right on the money.

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