My Daily Atlas Shrugged Moment

I’m having more and more Atlas Shrugged moments these days.  Today’s was courtesy of an add on LinkedIn.


My first response to the ad was “I’m not sure I want to see my concerns addresses by the White House.”  The White House – after all, is a building. 

It turns out that this is an event that is titled “The Effects of Health Care Reform on Small Business.”


At least the White House is spending money on social media.

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  • Andy Sharp

    It is unfortunate, that the frequency of Atlas Shrugged moments is increasing. Do you have any plans to relocate to a highly secluded area of Western Colorado?

    • I already have. When you interact with me in public, you are dealing with my clone.

      • haha, is it like the multiplicity clones? Where the copy isnt EXACTLY like the original? And heaven forbid you make a copy of a copy…

  • Christian Rishel

    Please place me on the Galt's Gulch mailing list.

  • When you go to Amazon you get this message for Atlas Shrugged –

    Buy Atlas Shrugged and get Common Sense (Penguin Classics) at an additional 5% off's everyday low price.

    I believe these two books should be sent to EVERY congressman, the president, and every governor/state legislator in the country.

  • I deeply agree.

  • Wilson Farrar

    And why not send them to leaders around the globe…

    See you in Galt's Gulch

  • Absolutely agree, Atlas Shrugged moments are coming from all angles right now. I have to stop writing now or I am going to get upset.

  • Nari Kannan

    It's very funny how all these folks who keep quoting Atlas Shrugged and how you pull yourselves by your bootstraps (on Wall Street and Detriot) had no shame in breaking out their begging bowls out for taxpayer dollars! And as soon as they start making proiftsagain , time to bring out Atlas Shrugged again and claims to "justly made bonuses"!

    And when you are 65, Government funded healthcare suddenly becomes attractive, welcome and working extremely well for you!

    So it may be time to give it a rest with Atlas Shrugged!

    • Er, um, I haven’t broken out my begging bowl.  As far as I know, I’ve never gotten a direct business subsidy from the government for any of the companies I’m involved in.  While there are plenty of cases of “government as a customer” for some of the companies I’m involved in, the government is acting no different than any other commercial customers.   

  • Ben Rice

    Nari, can you point to any examples of that?

    My personal favorite Atlas Shrugged moment was Obama saying that he didn't want to tell GM how to run their company. He might as well have just said, "Ms. Taggart, I have no intention of telling you how to run your railroad."

  • Nari Kannan

    Yes. Ben, what do you think the bailouts were all about? GM, Chrysler,AIG and the billions of dollars of bailout money being doled out even as we speak should all have not been done. That's called Moral Hazard. They should have let every one of these Capitalist successes die! Instead they all took Government money so that they can all keep their jobs! Yes. When you take my tax payer money to run your capitalist enterprise, you should expect extreme interference from me! Otherwise, stick to your Atlas Shrugged principles, take the big lumps you have coming your way because you took excessive gambling risks and die like true capitalist enterprises!

    Taxpayer funded, Government funded healthcare works fine if you are on Medicare, a Federal or Government employee or if you are a member of congress. To say that it will not work for the rest of us insults everybody's intelligence!

    You can't have it both ways, unfortunately! That's called hypocrisy!

    • nevermind, not going to get into politics here =)

    • Ben Rice

      Sorry, I meant can you give examples of where those who took the bailout money previously quoted Atlas Shrugged? I wouldn't doubt that they may have said that it was one of their favorite books or something, just really wondering if you had examples.

  • John

    "At least the White House is spending money on social media"…well, of course. They're spending money EVERYWHERE now. I think things look more like Aminal Farm than Atlas Shrugger right now though, with all those new Glue Factories being built with "Refrom and Recovery Act" dollars…

    • Ben Rice

      In that context, do you think that being "green" is today's walking on "two-legs" (v. 4)?

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