Inside Zynga

My friends at Zynga just put up a short video on the YouTube Zynga channel titled Inside Zynga which is an intro to their company.

I’ve never been involved in anything like Zynga – Mark Pincus and his team have created an amazing company. They continue to add people to the team at an incredible rate.  If you are in the bay area and interesting in joining one of the fastest growing Internet companies on the planet, give them a shout.

And – as a practitioner of “using the products my companies create” – feel free to friend me on Facebook and join my mafia (I’m level 132 if you need a strong wingman) or become my neighbor on FarmVille (I’ll send you a Duck.)

  • jason jergins

    very cool.

    these guys could very well pull this country out of its economic depression.

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  • As a avid player of your games, I found this Solution to the problems with Mafia Wars appalling. Upon opening MW tonight, hoping it was fixed I was greeted with the following message.
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    This is ridiculous, my game was operating fine until your programmers did the roll back earlier today. Should I not hear from Zynga by Tuesday 12/29 at 4 PM Central U.S. time. I shall go through with charge back proceedings as well as contacting my State Attorney General's office and the BBB.I will do my damndest through my marketing company to spread the word of Zynga's ripping off of customers

  • Johny

    I recently spent a day touring Zynga, the creator of FarmVille HP0-J25 exam and other social games that have the tech world talking 642-481 exam. With nearly 500 employees, the place is humming with activity and springing lots of cultural quirks. Its massage room 000-330 exam, weekly keg parties, and formidable cooking staff are perks reminiscent of Google in its early days HP2-E27 exam

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  • Oh, it's the old news ? Does it still work