The TechStars Story Unfolding Each Week

Last year we got connected to some guys from Hollywood who talked to us (I can’t decide if we pitched them or they pitched us) on doing a “TechStars Reality Show.”  The whole thing seemed seriously sketchy to me, but I knew it was a no-op when they made us a proposal for us to do all the work, come up with all the money, and they would get all the revenue.  Clearly I don’t understand how things work in Hollywood.  So we punted.

But the idea remained.  We’ve been doing plenty of TechStars related video (all up on and just kept coming back to the idea of a weekly web series.  A few weeks ago, David and I decided “screw it – let’s just give it a shot.”  Five minutes a segment, one a week.

The first two segments are up.  Week 1 is “The Selected Few”

The Founders | TechStars Boulder | Episode 1 "The Selected Few" from Andrew on Vimeo.

Week 2 is “Orientation”

The Founders | TechStars Boulder | Episode 2 "Orientation" from Andrew on Vimeo.

Tell me what you think.

  • Brad, these are cool! the kind of stuff to motivate other newbie entrepreneurs. think they were nicely done.

    BTW, have you run this by mike mikelowicz, (BOG/GOT cohort) he's got that reality show "bailout" going and in a pilot with (mtv?) whomever in hollywood. If you haven't I can give him a shout out for you – I'm talking to him next week already. It seems like there may be some overlap or hollywood path for what you guys are doing.

    • I haven’t talked to Mike – can you give him a shout out for me?  Definitely interested in talking.

  • Thanks for putting them up! We post them every Tuesday at noon at!

    There is also an iTunes link (… or RSS


  • Thanks for the post Brad. There are a lot of special things going on in Boulder and through TechStars. Cheers.

  • John McGary

    Brilliant idea — as much as anything it seems like a great advertisement for the lifestyle and community in Boulder. Reminds me of how effective the flagpole lip dub was for recruiting at IAC, project a sense of community and they will come.

  • What I think:
    1. Boulder is beautiful
    2. TechStars is (are?) great. 😀
    3. These guys are having the time of their lives
    4. On top of that they have the chance to make it BIG TIME!
    5. I'm gonna follow this series
    6. This is, as Michael put it, "the kind of stuff to motivate other newbie entrepreneurs", I know 'cause I'm motivated just by watching these two clips.
    7. You are razor-sharp!

  • Watching those videos has definitely made me envious. Guess I need to kick it into high gear

  • This is great. Very cool seeing what goes on inside the world of TechStars. Can't wait for episode 3…will that be on MTV?

  • Holly Hamann

    Thanks for letting us get a peek at what it is like behind the scenes. I'm so proud of this town and grateful for what you and the folks at Techstars are doing to support entrepreneurs. You guys rock!

  • pretty cool stuff… the production values are surprisingly good…

  • This is awesome…what a great concept and very well executed…i cant wait to see more!!

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