Pogoplug Getting Props from My Favorite Gadget Nerds

We are super psyched about our investment in Pogoplug.  Generally, I hate self-referential tech analogies as a way of describing a product, but in Pogoplug’s case it’s easy: “Pogoplug is a Slingbox for your hard drive.”  Our big insight about Sling as an investment was that it was “a bunch of magic software packaged in a cool plastic box that just works.”  Similarly, Pogoplug is “a bunch of magic software packaged in a cool plastic box that just works.”

While it’s easy to pimp our own investments, it’s better when others do.  I came home from vacation to Tim Wolters (co-founder Collective Intellect; previously co-founder/CTO Dante Group) post on Pogoplug (yes – I stuck one in his hand after we talked about it.)  He was skeptical, but nails the use case and asks for my favorite “on the roadmap” feature – automagical data sync.

In April, Todd Vernon (co-founder/CEO of Lijit; previously co-founder/CTO Raindance) also had a great Pogoplug review.  Todd is a consumer electronics junkie (he makes me look tame) and is notoriously hard on products and companies.  Praise from Todd is high praise indeed.

And – to top it off – Om Malik referred to his new Pogoplug as “My MacBook Air’s Second New Best Friend.”  He then went on to interview Brad Dietrich, Pogoplug’s CTO, on How Pogoplug Works.

Hell – my dad even likes his!  And – yes – all of my data is now on a drive attached to a Pogoplug sitting in a cabinet in my house, available to me from anywhere at anytime.  It’s conceivable that I’ll even get Amy to like it.

  • Just plugged mine in while reading this. It's about as easy to install as one can imagine. Like Om, this will be my hard drive for my MacBook Air. Awesome!

  • I have to ask how the performance is. Obviously the big bottleneck is the network latency, but other than that how does it perform?

    • Other than network latency (and filesystem formats and network topology effecting performance both positively and negatively) one of the really cool aspects of the system design is that our service "knows" when you are on the same LAN. The software and hardware optimization work has really paid off and I think you will be excited about the performance.

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  • Mohan

    What investment theme of foundry does pogoplug fall under?

  • Who needs their drive sharing servers? I used our Pogoplug as the cheap Linux appliance it is. Ours is now one of our web servers: http://www.AzaleaRSS.com/Pogoplug/

    100 bucks for a tiny form factor device? Sold!

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