Hi – I’m Back on the Grid

Wow – that was a great and much needed week off the grid.  Both Amy and I were exhausted.  But, we are back (although she is about to decamp to Keystone for the summer to work on her book.)

Before I checked out I spent 36 hours in Idaho with my friends at Highway 12 Ventures at the Idavation Conference.  My keynote speech is up on their website along with me hosting the Idaho’s Top Geeks panel.  Mark and Pam Solon were incredible hosts – I had a great first trip to Boise  along with a superb run with Ryan Woodings of Metageek (really cool wi-spy product).  This was my second trip to Idaho – Amy just tossed up pictures from last years Ashton Idaho Marathon with the Blumbergs.

I then met Amy in Las Vegas for a super top secret party with a 40 of my closest friends.  We stayed at the Encore which was beautiful, although the restaurants were weak (hint: walk to the Wynn and eat there.)  Of course, I was in bed by 11pm each night so I was a pretty useless partier, but I learned about a few fun twitter handles.

Amy and I then headed to San Diego and spent a week completely off the grid.  We stayed at Rancho Valencia, had a great tennis vacation (2+ hours of tennis every day), lots of sleep, great food, saw a few friends, slept 12+ hours a night, had a strong week of running, and enjoyed plenty of adult activity together.

I came back totally rested, bit my tongue at dinner, and ended up with a massive bacterial infection in my right parotid gland.  When I realized I had a grapefruit growing out of the side of my face, I went to urgent care, got some antibiotics, and now just feel el-weird (although I no longer look like a total freak.)

Wednesday, Phil Weiser is interviewing me on Work-Life Balance at 6pm at CU Law in the Wolf Law Builder – come see if a week off the grid holds up after three full and intense days back on the grid.

  • I've always admired your work-life balance commitment.

  • Thanks Nik.  It has paid off hugely for me over the last decade in so many ways.

  • I had a huge bacterial parotid gland infection in April. Wasn't painful but I wasn't rushing to schedule face-to-face meetings. Took a week off about 3 weeks later, and now feel ready. I've found that a healthy work-life balance is also great for work.

  • Did you talk like Kirk in the new Star Trek when Bones was trying to inject him with all that thtuff?

  • Not quite.  And my hands didn’t swell up.  But I definitely looked like him.

  • David.D

    You should make it extremely clear that there won't be any Feld posts during your hiatus's, that was a detrimental week for me: lack of essential content, no perspective on the world, techcrunch was completely bland, I even read Drudge Report one morning! Totally kidding ha, glad you had a good break, good to have you back.

    • Drudge – egads – you must have gotten desperate!

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