Don Coen – Prairie Rattler

I have three major hobbies – reading, running, and collecting art.  On my run today, I realized that I occasionally blog about reading and running, but I rarely blog about art.  I’m pretty sure this idea got lodged in my head yesterday while Amy and I were looking around the web for a new piece to “buy each other” as our anniversary gift.  While looking, we stumbled upon this incredible painting from Don Coen titled Prairie Rattler.

We are huge fans of Don’s and have a number of pieces of his work.  If you’ve ever been in the small conference room at Foundry Group, you’ve seen a version of Chairman of the Board that I commissioned for us after missing buying the original.  We’ve named the cow who looks over at Kelly during the day “Bessie”.

An important thing to realize about Don’s work is that his paintings are large.  Prairie Rattler is 6’ x 7’.  We talked about buying it for a few minutes but then decided that it didn’t feel right for a joint anniversary gift.  But we still both thought it was amazing and it inspired me to start periodically posting about some of the artist we love (in addition to my mom) and collect.

  • Dave Garvey

    Don Coen is inspiring. I just got back into painting after abandoning it for about 10 years. I'm sure you already considered it but adding an 'Art' tab to your site with pictures of your work (and maybe other works you like) would be a great way to round out your hobby coverage. I will likely do the same on my site. I've been into a lot of maritime art lately and just picked up "Fogbound" from Jeffrey Sabol.

  • Kathleen Calpin

    I also love art and am a fan of Don Coen's paintings, especially those of horses. Please continue to post art it broadens your faithful blog readers knowledge and appreciation of art.

    • Thanks for the feedback.  I’m planning on putting more art up periodically.

  • Not sure if you've seen this site: ? Its an online presence for young artists to sell their artwork direct to consumers. Entrepreneurial for them and affordable for you. Check it out.

    disclosure: an old friend of mine started the site..

  • the one picture that i am constantly having to take a second look at is the one on his homepage for the Coen website called Farm Dog. Its from his Lamar Series and it just fascinates me. Great painter.

    From ugallery you can get some pretty cool artwork for under a 100 bucks if you dig deep into some of their pages. A lot of great work to be found there (good reference vladik)

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