Following the D Conference on My iPhone

D7 starts Tuesday.  As usual, the speaker list is killer.  But, I can’t go as I have a board meeting in LA on Wednesday and I’m keynoting the IdaVation Conference in Boise on Thursday. 

My solution – the new All Things Digital iPhone app.  It is built with the latest version of the NewsGator iPhone Media App Framework and is spectacular (look for a refresh of the Brad Feld iPhone app soon, along with a few other fun ones.)  In this version, the five buttons on the bottom row of the app are configurable so I simply moved D7 to the first position and will click on it periodically throughout the day when I have free time to see what’s going on. 

D7 in my pocket – for free.  Any time I want it.  Cool.

  • This IS cool, Brad! Thanks for the heads-up. Been bummin' I can't be there — now I can feel like I'm hip again. Unbelievable! The age of single-use iPhone apps for events is upon us. Use it for a few days, then — zap! — on to something else….

    So, now I 'spose Eric Norlin will want one for Defrag? 🙂


    • Okay, I realize it's not just for the event, that it has use ongoing…but it is still cool it can bring an event alive for more people.

  • a defrag iphone app? hmmm – s'pose I should probably get an iPhone now, huh? (this from a guy who only carries a cell phone when he's traveling)

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