Feld-Weiser One-on-One: Feld on Work-Life Balance

On Wednesday, June 10th, 6:00-7:00pm in the Wittemyer Courtroom, Wolf Law Building at CU Boulder I’m doing an interview with Phil Weiser titled Feld on Work-Life BalanceI’ve written extensively about Work-Life Balance on this blog and have a wide range of opinions and perspectives on it.  Phil’s intro the event sets it up nicely.

For entrepreneurs, lawyers, and other professionals, work-life balance is often a topic that individuals plan on thinking about when they have time. For Brad Feld, this topic "took me 15 years, a failed first marriage, and my current wife (Amy Batchelor, Wellesley Graduate) almost calling it quits for me to realize that I had to figure out what ‘work life balance’ meant to me." This recognition led to Brad’s commitment to a series of rules, which evolved into a set of habits that include:

  1. Spend Time Away
  2. Life Dinner
  3. Segment Space
  4. Be Present
  5. Meditate

Notably, Brad’s view on life-work balance is not that working hard is not important; rather, it’s that "balance improves the quality/quantity of work that you can get done and he has become more effective at accomplishing stuff." In this session, we will discuss the challenges about finding life-work balance, developing strategies to both work hard and work effectively as well as how to define success not just in work, but in life.

If you are interested, register (it’s free) and come join us.  Networking (with refreshments) starts at 5:30pm.

  • Sue

    Hey Brad,

    At the event, my question will be: With good management, and a solid team, how long can people be productive on a hard burn? What's the data, or your experience? And if people are in that mode for too long, what should the leader do to make them take a couple of days off – or should he/she?

    Just came back from a party where I was talking with an entrepreneur about encouraging the team to take some time off – just a little – to avoid burnout in the 5 months into a 7 crunch. The CEO said they won't listen. I did a web search on the topic with all the usual suspects – HBR, Sloan Mgt Review, and found no good data. So turned to your blog, and lo and behold event front page!

    • Awesome – great question.  I’m looking forward to seeing you and addressing it!

  • Brad – thanks again for your contributions to IdaVation! Looking forward to talking.

    p.s. Brad's talk is still online at http://www.idavation.com/webcast

  • great video at idavation, hope this talk gets put online as well.

  • Brad – I need to attend this! But, it'll need to be online. Can u arrange? If not, can u supply rerun afterward?

    • They are getting recorded and will be up on w3w3.com

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