When I Grow Up I Want To Be A Solutions Provider

Awesome video.  It’s worth two minutes and thirty six seconds of your life.

When I grow up, I want to work in the channel!

  • http://Twitter.com/Ed Ed Shahzade

    Great video/message – except- whatever adult got the girl at the end read, [and to forever have recorded] lines the last one, is the real piece shit.

    The inanity exposed in message pales in comparison to using a young child
    to read "pull my bloated head out of my ass".

    Think of that young girl conceptualizing those words, likely in
    private, as her parents [for lack of better term] and agent tell her
    what a big, important $$ role she's got.

    Great video?

    • http://intensedebate.com/people/bfeld Brad Feld

      Yeah – I agree. The last one was way off base and totally inappropriate.

    • http://intensedebate.com/people/Jay_Levitt Jay Levitt

      She looks to be about 11. I'm sure other parts of the country are tamer, but as a native Long Islander, the only term I'd have trouble conceptualizing at age 11 would be "bloated"…

    • jesse

      get a life

      • http://Twitter.com/Ed Ed S

        To whom are you replying Jesse?

  • http://www.jamesfowlkes.com Simple Investing

    Lighten up, guys.
    Enjoy the sunshine! :-)

  • http://intensedebate.com/people/scott_yates498 Scott Yates

    It's great having kids. I no longer want to be an astronaut, but I sure want my son to get his wish of being a doctor and a firefighter in space!

  • http://intensedebate.com/people/gaget gaget

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  • http://www.wmhaven.com linkbuilding service

    Woow !! OMG so cute !! i love kids !! i would really love my kid to become a doctor..

  • http://www.velocidadlimite.com jalismak

    When I Grow Up I Want To Be a Millionarie

  • http://www.blueprintdfw.com/ Addison Real Estate

    I agree, the last few seconds were unnecessary and ruined the show and especially with young kids you should not use such lines. It's not good.

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  • http://www.rampuptech.com Help Desk NY

    I have to agree the end part seems coached….

  • http://xicowner.jefmart.com/ EdZee

    How I wish the children in my country could say the same things, truth is majority of them are too busy doing an old man's job in order to have something to eat.

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  • http://intensedebate.com/people/makeupgurl makeupgurl

    I believe the childrens is our future,those kids are very wonderfull and smart .Just let us the children to live thier dreams and believe what they are beliefs except for those bad things.

  • John

    It's great having kids. I no longer want to be an astronaut, but I sure want my son to get his wish of being a doctor and a firefighter in space!
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  • http://www.digitalwebtalk.com/ Digitalwebtalk

    pretty good video… and as the others said, the end was a bit of a mess!!

  • http://williamsvillenyplasticsurgeon.tumblr.com/ jeff

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    Great video. However some controversial comments are there for this video, take positive aspect of this video and give some good food to your brain. Thanks for sharing this.

    – Herman Swan

  • http://cheapufctickets.net UFC Tickets

    Very interesting video, inspite of the closing comment.

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    Such a good article, caught my sympathy!

  • http://mortgageloanhouston.com Houston Home Loans

    Despite the controversial closing comment, I still enjoyed the video

  • Mathew J.

    Hi Herman, I want you to summarize this video as I am not able to play it in my browser properly. Thanks in advance.

    ipod to computer software
    – Mathew J.

  • http://businessbrokerjournal.com/self-storage-business-for-sale Mini Storage ForSale

    I love having kids, every second week my daughter comes up with a new idea of who she wants to be when she grows up!

  • http://dogdaycarenow.com dog sitters

    i agree, the last comment was uncalled for :)

  • http://www.mibar.net IT Solutions

    Agreed-Humorous yet inappropriate.

  • http://www.behrensmoving.com/ milwaukee movers

    Sign me up as well! Ah the dreams I had as a kid.

  • http://www.supersum.com Tech Support

    I must say this is a great video, very funny. Ill agree with the rest of the comments that the last girls was a bit way off.

  • http://www.ibsi-us.com it support tampa

    I am really surprised to see so many kids are really want to be in the IT business.
    On the middle of the clip for a very brief moment I though that perhaps it was 10 or may be 15 year old video. Seriously who would want to see your kid to be in the industry which is going further and further from the US land.

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