High School Prom Is Just Around The Corner

I stayed at my parents’ house in Dallas on Tuesday night.  My mom has been going through a “clean all the shit out of the house” routine and keeps dumping piles of old stuff on me.  This trip, I got my high school prom album and my bar mitzvah album.  Following is my high school prom picture.

Brad tux's High school017

My partner Seth just informed me that my fundamental essence hasn’t changed since I was 17.  There’s 40 pounds more of it, but at my core I’m pretty much the same. 

  • I love this photo! You look like you're ready to boogie down to ABBA and The Cars all night long!

  • And Billy Squier.  And slow dance to Journey.

    • Yep, that is definitely some "My Kind of Lover"/"Everybody Wants You"/"Open Arms"/"Faithfully" imagery you've got going. It wouldn't surprise me to hear some J. Giels Band and Greg Kihn at that party, as well. Good times.

  • Your hair. It's so luxurious.

    One can easily imagine you cruising with your date in a Trans Am, the wind acting as a bernoulli comb leaving you with this finely sculpted masterpiece.

    Clearly, you were unstoppable.

  • That looks like the guy I met in September 1983.

  • I had a corvette. You are close.

  • This is precious. You're still a child at heart, no? 🙂

  • Jerry

    I love this photo. But why did your mom have a picture of me?

  • JBueling

    I want to party with THAT guy!

  • What, no blue frilly front shirt?

  • Hooray for we "children of the 80s" who never totally grew up!

  • Scott Beatty

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