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I’ve always loved computer games.  My Apple II screen had burn marks in it from Olympic Decathlon, Choplifter, Castle Wolfenstein, and Ultima.  Recently, I’ve become addicted to several of Zynga’s games online, especially Mafia Wars (I’m level 52 – friend me on Facebook and join my Mafia) and Scramble (I think I’m better than I actually am so it’s endlessly frustrating.)

Zynga’s been cranking on their iPhone apps so most of my Scramble action is now on the iPhone.  However, last night Zynga released Mafia Wars on the iPhone and it has immediately moved to third place on my “things to do on my iPhone other than email and call Amy.”

I got a note from Fred Wilson this morning that he’d beat me to the punch on posting about Mafia Wars on the iPhone.  Yeah Fred – whatever – you are on the east coast and I’m on the west coast today so time was on your side.  Help me neutralize the threat of Fred’s dominance in Mafia Wars by joining my iPhone Mafia – my player ID is 1901 3272 26 – recruit me for your Mafia (I’m level 5 on the iPhone already.)

  • Louis

    I've already added you, i'm just posting here to add my player id to anyone that wants to join my maifa.

    2102 0558 14

    let's break some legs and sell some product!

    • Welcome to my family!  Level 7 – sweet.

  • Andy Rankin

    Ahh Choplifter – those were the days.

  • Rush

    I added you two as well.
    Anyone coming across this page, add me
    9302 1004 35

  • Andrea

    I added the three of you.

    9400 2116 36

    Anyone who comes across this page please add me as well.

  • 1501 4469 99

  • speaking of gaming, have you ever seen Plura processing? They use excess capacity on gamer's computers to do grid computing. Business model involves buying capacity from the game developers and selling it to those in need of computing power at prices comparable to amazon web services. i love bmodels that add a completely new and uncompeting revenue stream.

    your post got me thinking, what kind of service could use excess capacity/functionality of mobile gamers? when i look down the cab on the NYC subway, I see at least 5-6 people playing solitare or Iphone finger-snake. Games make great trojan horses, just trying to think of what to put inside of them…

    hope all is well,

  • I haven’t seen Plura – time to check it out.

  • Can

    have added all of u, others plz add me too yo ur mob: 5203 6052 22

  • Ooh, me too: 1401 2068 95.

  • Andrew

    Too much fun and I'm getting sucked in. Added all of you. If you can add me to your mob, I'm 5203 1552 22
    Sorry if I fought you already.

  • Trevor

    Hi All

    My wife hates how much time I spend on this game.

    Feel free to add me.
    3800 2604 95

  • Dyz

    Added all of you, add me!

    6303 0449 21


  • Andy

    Okay, I'm in too. 4403 2064 94

  • Kelsey

    Just downloaded the game.. Pls add me 5403438523

  • I have become addicted to Mafia Wars too during "researching" some of Zynga's games 🙂

  • Added all of you + Brad. Absolutely addicted to this game!!!!!

  • Forgot to add ID above … here it is: 5800 4885 01

  • max

    i added everyone whos posted their ID# here. please add me too 6101551974

  • slith

    add me…straight brawler….the mtf don….i'll take you all the way to the top chico!

    0101 2020 22

  • vogelizr

    nice… added all of you

    please add

    6404 5325 52

  • ivan

    hit me up

    0403 1832 94

  • gregtfromct

    Thank God I found this site! Please add me too, as i've added you all already:
    3701 0165 24

    Thank you!


  • Sparhawk

    Add me to your mafia! Player ID is 2802616153

  • snakedoc

    Thanks for posting and getting us all together!!! happy o have all of you in my mob!!! please add me as well… 1301 2964 39

  • Maverick

    Add me on! 5903 8645 05

  • JonnoRamma

    5903 1344 85

  • layinpipe

    add me!!!!! 3602 9124 64

  • jonathan

    add me – 3402 6326 67

  • Cory

    add me 1301 4465 79

  • james c

    Whoa this is cool i added you all add me 4801513725

  • Cincinnati Kid

    7602 0951 59

  • Beej

    0201 7905 37

  • Wes

    0403 0134 49

  • zero

    hey dont forgget zero 7400 7972 89

  • COF

    ADD me too!!! 8304 0420 46

  • duane

    duane – 7803 6663 58

  • Lars

    Add me, thanks!!
    3504 1705 91

  • Mafia Wars is huge , it is been played by about 4 million of people everyday.
    I love to play Mafia Wars too and actively recruiting and building up my mafia family.
    This game is very addictive however you need a guide to help you advance to higher level.
    Recently I found an ebook that help me to advance in the game and it is full of priceless and brilliant tips for mafia wars players.

  • scott

    add me 0304 5813 27

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