Kerpoof Acquired By Disney

Congrats to all my friends at Kerpoof – it was announced a few weeks ago that Kerpoof was acquired by Disney.  Krista Marks – the CEO and co-founder – emailed me the Kerpoof mouse ears photo which inspired me to blog about them.  It’s another great example of a local Boulder software / Internet company that had a passion, made something happen, and had a great exit.


I met Krista and her co-founders at a CSIA event and then again while they were gearing up for the 2007 TechCrunch 40.  I gave them feedback on their presentation, started playing around with Kerpoof, and decided that Krista was a star.  They weren’t raising money at the time (they were self funded through consulting work they were doing while building out their service) so I gave them feedback whenever they asked and stayed close to them.  I encouraged Krista to have Kerpoof join the Entrepreneurs Foundation of Colorado – which they did.

Last spring, Krista told me they had been approached by a large company that was interested in acquiring them.  She was looking for advice – both business and legal – on the deal.  I connected her with Mike Platt at Cooley – one of the best entrepreneurial M&A lawyers I’ve worked with.  I also provided friendly feedback to Krista and her partners during the process.  Mike turned out to be the perfect fit for them as a deal lawyer and helped them navigate an extended negotiation very gracefully.

The acquisition closed last fall, but Disney and Kerpoof wanted to do some integration before announcing it.  I’m glad the news is out – Krista can now wear her Mickey Mouse ears and PJ’s in public.  And I especially appreciate Kerpoof’s contributions – through the Entrepreneurs Foundation – to several local organizations, including the National Center for Women & Information Technology.

Oh – and keep being innovators!

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  • Thank you so much for the warm post! The only correction I must add is that you did much more than simply “provide friendly feedback”. Oh contraire! You were an extraordinary adviser who time and again provided wise counsel when we needed it most. It is the truth when I say, the stars aligned when we got you as an adviser, and Kerpoof – and four entrepreneurs – shone brighter because of it.
    Krista, Brent, Jonathan & Tom

  • Krista and team,
    great work – my son, of 6, loves to blow up his pictures. The internet is all about Kerpoof and

  • Gino Malara

    Congratulations on your new relationship with Disney. I worked for Disney 13 years and just recently left to run a segment of Warner Bros Home Entertainment. Expectations are high and a certain business protocal is expected as you already know. I will be attending this year's DiMe in Boulder and very much look forward to meeting you. (I'm based in Denver which is why I took interest in your recent success.)
    Gino Malara
    Warner Bros. Home Entertainment Group

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