I Am Afraid of the Big Blue Horse at DIA

Anyone who has driven to DIA has seen the mysterious big blue horse.  Yes – it has special powers.  It has killed before (its creator – Luis Jimenez) and may kill again.

I am afraid of the big blue horse at DIA

I’ve just joined the I am afraid of the big blue horse at DIA Facebook group.  Here’s one of the best quotes from the wall.

Approaching DIA, my heart began to thump. Summoning all my resolution, I gave my Suby half a score of kicks to the gas pedal in an attempt to hasten my journey. At just that moment a splash of blue caught my eye. In the dark shadow of the field, on the margin of the airport, I beheld something blue, so blue, and towering, a gigantic monster ready to pounce upon this weary traveler. "What are you" I whispered, and received no reply. Agitated, I repeated my question. Pushing the gas pedal, I closed my eyes and uttered an involuntary psalm. I opened my eyes. The shadow took shape, a huge horse with powerful frame, whose eyes burned red and followed me, keeping pace. I rounded the curve, bringing the relief of the giant against the sky and I was horror-struck on perceiving it was…art? ~ Jenn Bma (Boulder)

I am – in general – afraid of horses so it’s appropriate that I am fucking terrified of the Big Blue Horse.  I am so glad Facebook has provided me with a place to find some new friends.  Thanks Jill for pointing this out to me.

  • I get the same feeling when I see the big bull statue on Wall Street. But this symbol is not after you just your wallet!

  • The more I see it, the less I mind it – if i start up the "I am NOT afraid of the big blue horse at DIA" group on FB, I wonder if I'll be the only member?

  • Tom

    Have you seen this picture?


  • Wow – that’s dramatic.  And disturbing.

  • Wow – that’s dramatic.  And disturbing.

  • LDE

    I noticed the horse coming back from the Foundry annual meeting – it disturbed and frightened me. Maybe I was still feeling the same way about Mendelson's cinammon beer fetish and I got the feelings confused.

  • I think it was the combination.  Jason’s beer fetishes also make me uncomfortable.

  • Tom, I will totally join your group. The rest of you thumbsuckers need to get over it. All the nightmarish headlines these days and you guys fear a chunk of art?

  • LOL. We were flying home from VCIR a couple of weeks ago and my 4yr old said, "Daddy, I don't like that big horse over there…" I initially had no idea what he was talking about. Once I did, I didn't have a good way to explain why it was there.

  • Funny group, really.

  • There's definitely some edgy art choices at DIA. http://i34.tinypic.com/2n0n8tg.jpg has a worthy message, but boy, it's freaky-looking!

    It's also helped spawn a lot of kooky conspiracy theories about lizard people running an underground base beneath the airport. My feeling is that if the Illuminati were in charge, they'd have got that baggage system working…

    • I’m pretty certain that it was the Illuminati that sabotaged the baggage handling system.

  • Why has no one mentioned that its fully anatomically correct and has an enormous ball sack and penis? That scares me even more!

  • Mark Montalbano

    Ok, I gotta go against you all on this one. The blue horse rocks!

  • They remind me of the sphinxes from the Neverending Story

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  • cblk
  • Ok, I gotta go against you all on this one. The blue horse rocks!

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