Goshawk Ridge Trail

I find trail running to be a magical experience.  I live behind Eldorado Canyon State Park just outside of Boulder and have a plethora of trail runs that I can start and finish at my house such as Eldorado Canyon Trail, Walker Ranch, Rattlesnake Gulch, Fowler Trail, Dowdy Draw, Mesa Trail (and all the branches), and South Boulder Creek Trail.

I’ve run them all – many times – in many different permutations.  Since Amy and I own a lot of property that is adjacent to Colorado State Park land and Boulder Open Space, I’m very respectful of staying on the trails as it makes me crazy whenever someone comes off of the Eldorado Canyon Trail or Rattlesnake onto our land.

So – it was with great pleasure that I discovered that Goshawk Ridge Trail is now open.  I ran it today from the Fowler Trail direction.

Elevation vs Distance or Time.

I have a standard 60 minute out and back run on Fowler trail.  I used to be able to stretch it to 90 minutes if I ran on Denver Water Board land up to the private property boundary.  With the opening of Goshawk Ridge I now have a great new 90 minute loop.  In addition, the trail system now connects up with the Spring Brook Loop and all the Dowdy Draw improvements.  I think I just got another 15 or so miles of trails to play around with, along with links to other trails that I previously had to run on the road to get to!

One of my favorite things about trail running is the serenity.  After about five minutes on the trail, I don’t even notice that the world – outside me and the trail – exists.  No cars, few people (I saw more deer today than I saw people), occasional wildlife (including – er, eek! – snakes), and periodic magical and mystical surprise moments.

I also don’t ever care about my time or pace on the trail run.  I just run.  I’ve never met a hill I couldn’t run up, but I’ve met some that I had to walk down because of my “racehorse ankles” (Amy loves to chide me about my thin ankles).  I don’t look at my watch – I just pay attention to my breathing and heart rate.

I’ve had a hard time getting in a consistent gear since running the Huntsville Marathon.  I had some great runs at the end of 2008, but then twisted my ankle hard in mid January and have been struggling to get in a groove for the last few weeks.   After the last few runs, I’ve found that groove.  And – I’ve found some great new trails.  Thanks Boulder Open Space!

  • This post is a inspiriting on. Makes me want to go for a run right away.

  • Kevin Sullivan

    Great new addition to the Boulder trails. You may appreciate a recent Google Earth map overlay offered by OSMP with very complete trail coverage:
    (Scroll to the bottom for the .kmz file)

  • Vrien

    And I thought this was the DOW Jones chart for the past month….

  • Spring Brook Loop and all the Dowdy Draw improvements are huge improvements for mountain bikers too. It is a great loop add on to Marshall Mesa area!

    • I ran Spring Brook Loop on Sunday – it was outstanding.

  • Wendy

    I'm glad you like the Goshawk trail! I built it with the other OSMP trail workers this past fall. 🙂

  • Roger Williams

    Found your column with Google. I just tried the Goshawk Ridge Trail, a loop starting at the gate on the old Conda Mine road (CR 67) then over the ridge, down to the Denver Water aqeduct (which now sports horrid NO TRESPASSING signs; I explored all of it before some turkey put these things up) & on via Spring Brook Loop S., Dowdy Draw and back up 170 to CR 67 then back up to my Suzuki jeep by the locked gate. Unfortunately the gate to the old Conda Mine site is still locked with warning signs about no access and hazardous area which is nonsense. Before they put up all these blasted signs (and new fences along the Denver Water access road, with those signs), I cut across from the end of it to the top of the old mine and right through it and climbed under the fence at the bottom. No hazards–there's nothing there. Anyway I enjoyed the stiff hike; I estimated from my 1:100K metric map total el. gain 300 m. (984'). The Gosford Ridge Trail is actually an old social path that's been there for years; I went up it, up the climber's trail to the RR (where it deadends) and along the whole Denver Water road before they posted it NO TR.
    –Roger Williams (68), Boulder.

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