Branded iPhone Apps

While you might be interested in a ego vanity iPhone app like the Brad Feld iPhone app, you are probably a lot more interested in an iPhone app for your business.  NewsGator has become an expert at building these and has developed a superb framework for branded iPhone apps.

On March 31st they are having a Webinar titled Gain Revenue & Readership with Branded iPhone Apps – Reed Business Case Study WebinarWalker Fenton from NewsGator and Brien Tate (Reed Business’ CTO) will walk through what they’ve done around the Variety iPhone app including:

  • The differences between iPhone Apps and web applications
  • The benefits of making your content available via an iPhone App
  • How to monetize your iPhone App
  • How to publicize your iPhone App
  • An iPhone App case study featuring Reed Business/

NewsGator has learned a huge amount about building, deploying, monetizing, and publicizing iPhone apps.  Attend the webinar to find out more for yourself.

  • I never thought I could also monetize my iPhone app, how? Would appreciate your input on this matter.Thanks a lot!

    • I’d encourage you to hop on the NewsGator webinar and hear more.

  • How is this different from branded screen savers & similarly pointless logo glorification of the past? What do the users get out of it that they can't get anywhere else?

    • Download the Variety app and take it for a spin.  You get an app that has a huge amount of information from, updated in real time, available offline, and extremely well organized.  It includes all the appropriate interfaces to video, audio, and links off the Variety site.  It’s not simply logo glorification – rather – it’s deep content for the publisher organized in an iPhone friendly way.

  • JD – What does the user get? The user gets their the news they want to read, where they want it. On the bus, in line at the grocery store – where ever you find a few moments to catch up on the news – getting the latest information on a mobile phone is one of the most efficient ways to keep you (the user) current.

    Variety's site is pretty good on Safari on the iPhone, but its even better as a dedicated application… the headlines are just a click away, and you don't need to adjust your screen to read them.

    From a publisher perspective, news is currency – so having a way to get headlines & brand in front of their audience keeps them relevant…

    I might agree with you if the content in the iPhone app was stagnant, then it would feel like a screensaver – but it isn't. The articles, images, videos in the application are powered by RSS, which in many cases means the app gets the content as soon as the website does.

    But I agree with Brad, if you have an iPhone, download the app, I think you'll find it much more friendly than just browsing through the browser on the iPhone.

  • Everything one can get from the internet..even iphone unlock tool also..
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  • Everything one can get from the internet..even iphone unlock tool also..
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