A Page Down OS Interface Design Memory Lane

Wow – Operating System Interface Design Between 1981-2009 is awesome (thanks Dave).  It is a screenshot from every major graphical OS since the Xerox Alto.  Some old favorites of mine include the Apple Lisa (1983), the Amiga Workbench (1985), Geos (1986), NeXTSTEP (1989), and OS/2 2.0 (1992).  At some point in time I had a computer that ran these and/or installed them on a computer of mine.

  • Bill Mosby

    Ah, OS/2. I used that as recently as 2005. It was part of something called the "Blend Down Monitoring System" and ran on rack mounted PCs in locked and sealed cabinets in three Russian closed "Atomic" cities. Software running under it gathered and stored uranium enrichment measurement data generated during the process of blending down highly enriched uranium originating from retired Russian nuclear weapons. That uranium is currently hard at work generating about 10 percent of the electricity used in the U.S. It was always fun getting re-acquainted with this OS after some months of not using it.

    If our use of Russian uranium seems interesting, here's more info: http://www.nti.org/db/nisprofs/russia/fissmat/heu

    Or, Google search on "HEU Transparency".

  • Simultaneously awesome and terrifying!  Sounds like an really fun project.

  • Bill Mosby

    It was really fascinating to be associated with that program. I was born in the same month as the first Soviet nuclear weapons test and grew up during the cold war. I spent 18 years working for one of our National Labs and then at the end of that experience got to work in Russian facilities with folks who were something like mirror images of our own people. The similarities in our outlooks and experience were astonishing and at the same time comforting. We're a lot more alike than different.

  • Is there some way I can make it love me again? ,

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