Tonight In Seattle

I’m heading out to Seattle for a board meeting and a few other things.  Tonight, I’m going to be doing an event called Beers and Boulder with Brad.  I’m going to talk about entrepreneurial communities, the critical importance of entrepreneurship and innovation today,  TechStars, what we’ve done in Boulder to drive entrepreneurship that can apply to other cities such as Seattle, and why we are expanding TechStars to Boston.  I’m then going to stick around until they kick us out answering any and all questions and talking with whoever wants to hang out.

The event was the idea of Dave Schappell of TeachStreet and TA McCann of Gist.  They’ve done an awesome job making it easy for me to “just show up, talk, and answer questions.”  Three great sponsors – Beacon Law Advisors, Square 1 Bank, and Microsoft BizSpark are underwriting the event.

If you aren’t in Seattle tonight, the event will be streamed live.  If you are in Seattle, come join us.

  • It was a great event, thanks for coming to Seattle. I agree about the need for more engaged collaboration than what typically happens at coffee meetings / local meetups. I'd gladly lend a couple hours a week of my time.

    Here's a thought, every week there are coffee meetings in Seattle. They are great for talking about what you do but outside of coffee but there should be "clubs" based on every critical component of building a business. And in order to "graduate" to the next group the members must approve it, by completion of milestones. I'd love to see an SEO group that will help a startup get traction and teach fundamentals. A partnership group that has sample docs that are first steps. Letter of intent leads to contract type of thing.

    As people graduate from groups they become mentors of the new members because the ones who have just graduated will know how to teach it with it being fresh in their minds, and sharing the mistakes they made to help others avoid.

    Obviously coffee shops aren't ideal enviornments for this so each member pays $50 per month and all the money goes towards rent, utilities, etc. It's something that would greatly increase the success of a startup by making sure they have things in order.

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