Got Dog? Get Together Tag

I love my dogs.  I have two giant golden retrievers – Kenai and Brooks.


kenai brooks

Dogster (where I’m an investor) recently launched a new Together Tag pet ID service in partnership with the American Red Cross.  It’s a comprehensive and well thought out service that goes beyond things like microchipping your pet.

It’s inexpensive – only a $24.95 one time fee for your pet.  As part of this, Dogster contributes $5 of the fee to the American Red Cross to help support pet safety programs.  I just got one for each of Kenai and Brooks – the signup process was trivial and took less than five minutes.

Protect your pet!

  • Zoe Montalbano

    Beautiful goldens!

    I'll check out these tags. Dogs are nice to have in pairs. I have a pair of boxers, Inga and Hagen, and they're a blast! My older dog (Inga) grew scar tissue around her microchip, which I later learned is common in the breed, so I haven't had Hagen microchipped.

    What do you think of all the dog laws in Boulder these days? I guess I understand the justification for most of them, but sometimes I feel too restricted.

    I used to live in NYC and took my dogs most everywhere with me. I could just leave them tied outside for a few min. when I ran in someplace, etc. It was easier there, even though Boulder is supposed to be so dog friendly!

    • I find the Boulder dog laws a little overwhelming, but having lived her since the mid 1990’s, I’m used to it.  We are lucky in that we have a bunch of land our dogs can run wild on – if reincarnation exists, I’ll take a turn as one of my dogs.

  • While Alexandria, MN is overall a great place to live, I routinely get evil stares from a living room window or am yelled at for letting my 14 lb dog venture on to someone's lawn (I pick up after her but can't do anything about the thimble full of urine she might leave). My guess is that it has something to do with a higher avg IQ in Boulder.

  • Tom

    Nice Dogs we have one 3 year old Golden

  • sunn

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