Freshman: The Similarities Between College and Congress

I’m really proud of my Congressman Jared Polis.  Jared was one of the first people I met when I moved to Colorado in 1995 (we met in early 1996) and have been good friends ever since.  Jared has a great article about his first few weeks in Congress up on the CNN website titled Commentary: Congress is like going back to college.  There’s also a fun video.

Jared – you look very serious in that suit and tie.

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    Have you seen what has been happening to California as the result of the control the Democratic party has had over it in the last 20 something years? The state is broke. It's tax and spend policies and the failed Democratic leadership have made it a horrible place for anyone who isn't wealthy to live (highest tax bracket is 9% if you make over 40k, how is 40k wealthy in CA?). I suppose you want to make CO like that or maybe MA where you come from, another broke, poorly run, left-wing state.

    How do high taxes and high spending help an entrepreneur and/or the private sector purchasers (business or individual) of your products or services? How is someone suppose to generate wealth like that? Or is it that since you've already made yours you don't have much sympathy for those trying to make it?

    Enjoy it while it lasts. Coloradoans, the American people, and the ECONOMY can only tolerate so much of your brand of expensive and unrealistic idealism.

  • Ah, yes, the Republicans have really done a bang up job with the economy, socializing Wall Street and causing talk of nationalizing banks. Being an entrepreneur, like Jared, doesn't mean being a Republican, or a Democrat either, and I don't think the post was about politics as much as it was that it's fun when a longtime friend achieves another success.

    • LOL, Amy. It seems to me that the Republicans are guilty of "spend and spend" as opposed to "tax and spend." Eventually, my kids, grandkids and great-grandkids are going to have to pay for the war in Iraq.

  • I read Congressman Polis's article. First openly gay, congresman elected! Good for him.

    One commenter to his essay gave him grief about the frivolity of some of the goings-on. I'd commend him for giving us the "straight shit" about what it's like there from his not-yet-jaded eyes (I believe that he'll be unable to maintain his current perspective).

    Thanks for sharing, Brad.

  • Brad – Thank you for sharing this! My naive impression is that our representatives in DC are all full of hot air and clueless. This renews my faith that maybe our government can work in this crazy complex global world, especially with fresh talent as we have seen.

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  • If people compare congress with college means that they have no attitude to work hard.

  • Dave

    What do you think of the Economic Stimulus Package concocted by Nancy Pelosi, et. al.? Seems to be the worst example in history of poitical corruption. These people are obviously Democrats first and Americans second. Re-election means everything, the country be damned.

    • I wish I understood what was going on well enough to have a real opinion.  Since I can’t impact what’s going to happen anyway, I don’t have an opinion at this point.

  • I wish I understood what was going on well enough to have a real opinion. Since I can’t impact what’s going to happen anyway

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