The Fly – Episode 2 – The Band Plays On

Howard Lindzon produced 4 minutes of fucking poetry.  Episode #2 of the Fly.  I’m not even sure I can spell all of those words.  Hilarious.

Remember – turn off the TV – especially CNBC, MSNBC, and CNN.  They aren’t doing you, your brain, or your soul any good unless Paul Kedrosky is on and is ranting about something.  Paul – when are you going to start your own Youtube channel?

  • Gio

    That was poetry. stocks would fly "as high as a pot smoking astronaut." I'm gonna use that often.

  • Richard Mandel

    wonderfully entertaining and very informative, but never, I repeat, never, put ice in an aged Macallan.

    • Yeah – I’m with you.  That was a rookie move.

  • Nice Satire. CNBC is lame except few anchors.

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