Is Your City Growing?

I’m always amused by articles that are headlined “Jobs outlook uncertain for 2009”.  No shit sherlock.

I was pleased, however, to learn that Boulder, Colorado is one of thirteen cities (“metropolitan areas”) out of 381 in the US that are actually growing. 

The cities that are growing are Boulder, CO.; Lafayette and Louisiana, LA; Bethesda, MD; Jacksonville, NC; Binghamton, NY; Oklahoma City; OK.; State College, PA.; and Brownsville, El Paso, Laredo, McAllen, and San Antonio, TX.

I get LA, but Brownsville, El Paso, Laredo, and McAllen?  Must have something to do with that electronic border fence thing.

  • Craig Swerdloff

    Can anyone explain Binghamton to me? It must be the only city in upstate NY that is growing. The rest are contracting at a rate similar to Detroit.

    • Michael Stack

      Having grown up in the Binghamton area, and just visited over Thanksgiving, all I can suggest is maybe it zeroed out a few years ago and had nowhere to go but up.

  • F.E. Forster

    Is it odd that the MSNBC contributor includes the State of Louisiana as one of the 13 growing metropolitan areas?

    The assessment is based on the DismalScientist's U.S. Regional Recession Status. The November 2008 data for metropolitan areas in "expansion" include: Pascagoula, MS; Jacksonville, NC; Rapid City, SD; El Paso, Laredo, McAllen, and San Antonio, TX; and all of the areas in and around Washington DC, including Arlington, Alexandria and Bethesda.

    Texas border towns offer competitive advantages for manufacturing/ industrial/processing operations, and this partly explains the continued economic expansion in these cities.

  • I half-expected to see Hunstville, AL on that list. I'm sure they're closer to "holding steady" than most, at least.

  • Weirdly enough our area, the Greater Rochester NY area, grew by 5000 since the last census, reversing a trend that went back over fifty years. The city of Rochester shrank but the county we're in (which is contiguous with the city) grew. The only growth in NY outside of NYC.
    Of course we didn't experience the housing inflation that the rest of the country did. And we have all the fresh water!

  • Another "No shit, Sherlock" moment": I've heard several times in the last couple of months that "job losses (or some other measure of economic performance) were worse than expected." I mean, really, why are the people who form these "expectations" surprised?

  • steve

    doh, my bad, they are based in UT, not colo. please delete my comment. but i can still not contact them. i just discovered they make a ottoman to hold rock band stuff liekt he drums and accessories. amazon comments show that other people have trouble getting in touch with them also. seems like a dumb way to grow by ignoring prospects?

  • Steve

    Since you are in boulder, do you know a company in Boulder called AK Designs? show this vaporware office chair called the EVO, but it's been "coming soon" for years, and they never return calls nor emails. I was wondering if anyone knew if they were still in business?

  • Sorry – I don’t know them.

  • El Paso's growth is fueled by the military base consolidation and the growth of Fort Bliss in El Paso.

  • Such a good article, caught my sympathy!

  • mexcan

    i am mexican, i leave near the border and texans and us always used to come an go. due to the very high level narcotic delicuency americans do not come any more to the mexican towns and furthermore many many mexicans have bought taxes n all this border cities and gone to live there. Maybe this is the reason of growth.

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