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Hi, I’m Brad Feld, a managing director at the Foundry Group who lives in Boulder, Colorado. I invest in software and Internet companies around the US, run marathons and read a lot.

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Asshat of the Year from StockTwits

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Howard Lindzon cracks me up. Endlessly.  Continuously.  His latest rant is all about Asshat’s from 2008 put on by one of his new companies StockTwits.  I’m not really sure what an Asshat is since I don’t pay any attention to the public market, but I’m going to guess it had something to do with people that consider themselves experts in trading public equities. 

It’s definitely NSFW, rude, crude, and crass, but that’s how Howard likes it.

  • Bill Mosby

    "asshat" = someone suffering from a rectal-cranial inversion (expression frequently used by a former boss)

  • Parkite

    That was good. Asshat……someone who has their head up their ass and is therefore wearing their ass as a hat.

  • Ian Spivey

    Bill Miller was a pretty good call. Ken Lewis has to be up there as well, with how the Merrill acquisition is going. Hoo-boy.

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  • Jud Valeski

    lame. the video is gone now.

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