The Running Year By The Numbers

As 2008 winds down, Amy and I are having a traditional New Year’s Eve filled with debauchery.  She’s eating a bowl of tomato soup with cheddar cheese and crackers in it; I filled up on appetizers at our friends’ house down the block where we hung out until the late hour of 8pm so we could make it home in time for bed by 10:05pm (yes – we consider that midnight here in Colorado.)

Earlier today I had a fantastic last run of the year.  I did one of my traditional “5-ish” mile runs in Keystone, hammered it the whole way, and set a PR by about four minutes.  The high altitude and hill training of the past few weeks are definitely having a positive impact.  Since I nailed the last run of the year, I thought I’d do a twist on the traditional “year by the numbers” post (especially since no one really wants to talk about financial numbers right now) and do my running year by the numbers.

I ran 1041.83 miles in 2009.  I managed to do this over 205.23 hours.  Included in this were five marathons – the slowest in 5:47 in February in Sedona and the fastest in 4:39 in Huntsville in December.  I’m up to 14 marathons (and states) on my quest to run a marathon in every state in the US by the time I’m 50.  And – as everyone who reads this blog knows, my jihad on my weight continues.  Fortunately I’m down three pounds for the year – from 211.5 at the beginning of the year to 208.5 right now.

Goals for 2009: Six more marathons, at least one sub 4 hours, and weight below 190.

Plus I’m now a level 12 on Mafia Wars.

Happy new year everyone.  I hope you’ve enjoyed Feld Thoughts in 2008.  See you in 2009.

  • Paul

    Not sure you have looked at this already
    Search for Art De Vany
    Unfortunately that will mean sprints not marathons.
    If you seriously try Evolutionary Fitness you will lose more than 3 pounds.

    • Yup – I’m pretty familiar with Evolutionary Fitness. Of course, it’s incompatible with my desire to run long distances so it doesn’t work for my world view.

  • What do you use to track mileage and other stats?

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  • kip

    Awesome Brad! You've motivated me over this past year to really work on me both on taking some life maintenance time and to get back into shape. I know its not something that you would normally see on this blog but thanks for the motivation.

  • You are welcome – I’m glad it’s useful. I sometimes wonder if my running stuff is “dead blog air” but whenever I get a note like this I know I should keep it up.

  • Manojregmi

    Please keep it up.
    A new study out shows that runners live longer, healthier lives……

  • Karl

    When it comes to looking back on a your year by the numbers, my friend Nick Felton does some pretty amazing tracking of what he's done. He hasn't come out with his personal annual report for 2008 yet, but you see his old one at Good stuff. And I'm still amazed by how much running (and reading) you get in.

  • Karl

    Ok, that's funny. Daytum is Nick's company. Must mean something.

    • Can you get Nick to get me an invite (it's currently closed alpha)

      • Karl

        Yes, I emailed him. You should hear from him.

    • Can you get Nick to get me an invite (it's currently closed alpha)?

  • Thanks!

  • A very good article, I will always come in.

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