Sorry for the Feed Flood

For those of you that just got a flood of posts in your Feld Thoughts feed, that’s because of me.  Yeah – I wrote a bunch of posts over the past few days, but I forgot to update where FeedBurner was pointing to grab the feed when we moved over to WordPress.  I’m loving, but still futzing around with a few things.  The feed should be better, but if you notice something messed up, tell me.

  • David G. Cohen

    thought you'd like to know that my feed reader didn't miss a beat with your transition. no flood, correct unread articles. But I guess NNW is just that good. 😉

  • rick

    You moved from MT? Or you just use to update MT?

    What happened to sharepoint?

    • Brad Feld

      I moved from MT to WP. We still use Sharepoint for all our internal stuff.

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