Robots and Beer

Every male tech nerd (and some female tech nerds) that I’ve known has at one time or another has fantasized about a robot bringing him (or her) a beer from the refrigerator.  Thanks to my friends at iRobot that’s now possible.

Ok – that’s a Pepsi.  But it could have been a beer.  The future is closer than you think.

  • Wait…it doesn't close the fridge?! What a jerk!

  • Steve Zweig

    Until it brings Diet Coke, I'm not interested.

  • kevin

    minus the slober, it's a lot easier to train a dog to bring you a beer from the fridge.

  • Walks a faster 26.2

    As the economy craters, the rich fret over beer serving robots and heaping on self congratulations from the beach resort for finishing slow marathons. Man, I love the Web 2.0.

    • And whiny trolls shoot spitballs in their undies from their mom's basement. Grow up.

  • When it can mix a truly dry martini and have it ready for me when I show up, I'll be happy.

  • how un-green to not close the fridge door, it probably runs on premium gas too. 🙂 j/k

  • That is an awesome robot! wish I could buy one.. Thanks for the great post!

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