Thomas Friedman has a phenomenal Op-Ed in today’s New York Times.  Time to Reboot AmericaWhether you like or dislike Friedman, he’s nailed this one.  Repeat after me: Ctrl-alt-del.

  • Reinkef: A good dose of Gladwell's Outliers would give you an edge and slightly different frame. I think John Wayne is utter nonsense. Although there is some sense in rugged individualism, it ain't the whole sense by a long shot. On that occasion, I'll side with Friedman.

  • Sorry, we don't need a "reboot". We need a "reinitialization". We need to go back to the basics. Government, like we have now, didn't work for the USSR and it won't work for us either. We need to make folks responsible for themselves. Sorry, but until we get back to the "pioneer spirit" of rugged individualism, we will continue to spiral down in so many dimensions. The answer isn't more gooferment spending and rules. That's what got us he. Chapter 11 for the bail out seekers. Sorry. Welfare for rich farmers. Sorry. Welfare for corporations. Sorry. Lifetime employment for congress critters. Sorry. We need a revolution!

  • steve

    Whatever happens it will be a painful time for many Americans. My parents have been pretty dumb about their whole life, never really saving for retirement and coasting along at jobs like they were entitled to a good life as an American. They think everything will be fine. What will life be like for the people like them who are just coasting along, thinking everything will be ok?
    There will be a lot of people out of work, and unable to get a new job, because they don't have the attitude to dig in and work hard. They will cry for help to the Government for welfare, but the government won't have any money left for them, due to over-spending in the war on Iraq, and all the bail-outs for the failing companies.
    Will some foreign country step in and make them all slaves?
    Will lazy Americans be good as slaves or will they be lousy workers?
    Will there be riots and revolutions?

    Who can predict or envision this kind of future?
    How will it affect tech companies, and other companies in the US and the world?
    i.e. will there be any opportunities if everyone is running rampant in the streets like wild dogs, fighting and stealing to survive? Will it be that bad?

  • There will be many people unemployed and unable to find a new job because they did not dig the attitude and work hard. They will cry for help to the government on welfare, but the government does not have any money left to them, due to overexploitation of the war against Iraq, and all rescue companies in difficulty.
    Does any foreign country to go and make them slaves.
    Lazy Americans will be good as slaves or they will be employees ugly.
    There will be riots and revolutions.

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