Live as if you would die tomorrow, learn as if you would live forever

Yup – that’s a Gandhi quote that came from Om Malik’s great post What I Learned This YearI encourage you to read it slowly and ponder it.  With it, I begin my suggested Daily Reading for you, as Om has kicked it off with a “what”.

Holiday’s and Communication: Jud Valeski, Gnip’s CTO, gives us a framework for “why” people twitter and blog.

What does the BoulderTwits graph mean: Pete Warden helps with a “who” as he does a neat visualization on Boulder Twitters based on data he’s putting together.  Boulder is aggressively pulling Pete toward it – I predict he’ll be here full time soon.

Making an IRS Section 83B election: If you are an entrepreneur, Dave Naffzinger explains the importance and process of filing an 83b election.  I was involved in an acquisition in 2008 where the founders did not file their 83b’s (even though the lawyers provided them to file – they just blew it off) and I expect they will never start anything else again, including a lemonade stand, without filing an 83b.

Florida, the Next Hotbed of Venture Capital: Ah those professional writers at the WSJ have such clever titles.  This is an article about the Florida Opportunity Fund, a $29.5m “fund of funds” that will invest in VC funds that commit to investing in Florado-based business.  I’ve learned a lot of this through my relationship with the Utah Fund of Funds (one of Foundry’s LPs) which has done the state-based fund of funds correctly (compared to a lot of other states which has done this incorrectly.)  I’ve been working, as part of my role as co-chairman on the Colorado Governor’s Innovation Council on putting together a plan for a Colorado Fund of Funds (similar to the Utah one).  It’ll be interesting to see if they get it right in Florida.

The Editor Dilemma: Fred Wilson has a good post up explaining two things.  First, he talks about why he doesn’t spend time working on spellin, grammer, and verbige on his blog.  He then goes on to describe a product (or maybe just a feature (limited wiki editing on blog posts) that he’d like to see.  In doing this, he explains (by demonstrating) how he uses his blog as flypaper to attract interesting entrepreneurs and discuss new ideas.  Gracefully done Fred.  I’ll take that feature to also.

  • Thanks for the mention. Great anecdote – I can only imagine the economic pain caused by not filing an 83b.

  • Rob

    Did you see Joe Lazarus' proposed solution (by comment on fred's post)? It reminds me of the story you tell about the origins of newsgator starting with reading greg's blog post and realizing that there was a company there…

  • i am sure there have been many companies started out of the insights gained from a blog post and the comments to it. i try to start as many of those conversations as i can. anything to spark the germ of company formation because that's what people like brad and i profit from.

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