Entrepreneur Magazine – VC Insider

I’ve started writing a monthly column for Entrepreneur Magazine called VC Insider.  The first article is titled Perfect Your Pitch and has a list of mistakes I see over and over again from entrepreneurs approaching me for financing.

  • can you twist their arm to create an RSS feed for your column? 😛

    • I’ll try, but I’ll also post here when they appear so you can at least get them this way.

  • Regarding your point number 5, I have a slightly different take. You correctly point out that if your pitch is not so hot, dropping the names of other VCs who were not impressed doesn't do you any favors. The flip side though is that dropping the names of other VCs to whom you are talking is an even worse idea if your pitch is really good. You end up with a single term sheet from a "syndicate" with an agreed-upon (i.e. really low) valuation instead of multiple term sheets that give you some negotiating leverage. Loose lips sink ships.

  • Yup – totally agree.

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