It’s The Economy, Stupid

Where is James Carville when you need him

Finally, Obama is taking a line from Clinton’s playbook.

  • Richard Stump

    it's a smart approach for Obama. An interesting fact is that John Glenn, the astronaut and Obama supporter, was another one of the “Keating Guys” and both he and McCain were the two who were only accused of bad judgment and received no sanctions. I do wish, though, both sides would talk about the future and quit reliving the past.

    I do have a question in regards your reading mostly online. I assume you have a pretty high filter for political information posted on the web as that has been shown the area with the most abuse. What is your strategy for determining between claims. I too focus mostly on the web for my info gathering but have found a need to check multiple sources on issues I am not familiar with to ensure the content (even from so-called mainstream media outlets) is accurate. This has made the level of info noise I have to deal with during crises or election time much higher than I would prefer.

    • I no longer believe anything. That seems like the easiest approach.

      Ok – I’ll be serious. It’s a challenging problem. I usually try to wait at least 24 hours to see if something sticks before I believe it. Very little of the information I’m exposed to is actionable by me anyway so the lag doesn’t really impact things negatively.

  • This election is about to get fugly.

  • Bill Mosby

    Thanks for the reminder on McCain and the Keating crimes. Now, who else had a hand in the subprime machinations? Can we get some idea of who, if any, of our current political leadership we can trust to make the financial risk-takers behave like adults?