Tennis and My Brother

I’m about to head out to play an early game of tennis with my brother Daniel.  He sent me the following picture from our recent trip to the US Open for inspiration.


It’s pitch black outside but I’m sure the sun will be up around 7am when we hit the court.  Note the snazzy belt I’m wearing – that was my September life dinner gift from Amy (she upped the ante in October – a lot.)

  • Qian Wang

    I just played for 2 hours this morning against a guy who’s much better than I am. But that’s how you improve, right? At least that’s what I’m telling myself as I ice my left knee. So Brad, what’s your playing style/level?

  • I’m a classic baseline player that is comfortable coming into the net (think late 1970’s childhood tennis stud.) If I played three days a week I’d be between 4.5 and 5.0.

  • Qian Wang

    So who won this morning? Did you play any varsity tennis at MIT? I went to a few matches (around 2000 or ’01) and most guys looked to be around 5.0 or so.

    I’m a baseliner as well and probably a borderline 4.0 at the present. My goal is to become a 4.5 in the next couple of years. I think I can get there if I can develop a bit more patience and consistency. Your style sounds very much like the guy I played today. I think he’s a 4.5 and he’s got this killer backhand slice that he can place in either corner whenever I hit a short ball. How I hate that shot. 🙂

    If you’re ever in the Orlando/Daytona Beach area of Florida, we should play a couple of sets.

  • My brother won (6-4). I’ll get him the next time.