Smiling Founders

BusinessWeek has a web slideshow running called Big Tech Buyouts.  It profiles the founders of 10 Internet companies that have been acquired this year.  Three of them – FeedBurner, Sling Media, and Postini – are companies we were investors in.  Everyone appears to be smiling.

Notice the abundance of gray hair (or in Dick Costolo’s case, no hair.)  I realize this is shameless brogging, but it’s fun sometimes.  And I’m really proud of these guys and the companies they helped create.

  • regularguy


    I’ve been reading your blog for a long time, and learned a lot.

    However, I’m a little bit disappointed that you’re only “bragging” about your recent success, without even mentioning what just happened to Judy’s Book. Given the praises you’ve given to Andy Sacks, I’m surprised that Judy’s Book went to the drain so quickly. I’d be curious to learn what exactly had happened and what you’ve learned as an investor …


  • That’s really nice to know for people like David and I; we have an abundance of gray hairs between us, as we are no longer twenty-somethings. 😉 How great for all those guys – and smile they should!

  • Congrats to everyone! I know a lot of hard work went into the companies.

  • @regularguy – look for a long blog post from me about my view of the Judy’s Book story after the last lines are written.

  • Always with the bald jokes!

  • andrew

    ‘regularguy’, at least mobius still has judys book still listed on their site as a portfolio company. most other VCS would have dropped it months ago.