Red Sox Win Before The World Series Starts

Well – that was predictable.  Rockies Blow Ticket-Sales Tech; World Series Next?  About 30 minutes after Rockies world series tickets went on sale online (the only place you could buy them) their systems crashed.  According to the Rockies Press Release, under 500 tickets were actually sold.  The MLB ticket vendor – Paciolan – claims that the traffic (8.5m hits in some unspecified period of time) took down all their North American customers.  Oops.  Glad I was wearing my Red Sox jacket around town today.  Maybe the Rockies should consider outsourcing the whole shebang to StubHub!

  • Where the Red Sox won is the Rockies mistake of putting the tickets onsale after the Red Sox clinched the ALCS.

    So with the huge Red Sox Nation following that exists here in Colorado – you can barely walk down Pearl Street without seeing someone wearing a Boston Red Sox cap – those Red Sox fans have just as much a chance of getting into Coors Field than us Rockies fan.

    Quite the embarassment for the Rockies to have their stands filled with Red Sox faithful. They should have put the tickets onsale well before the opposing team clinced, that way only Rockies fans and of course the scalpers would be motivated to shell out the cash for the big game. They just opend the flood gates for Red Sox nation to invade Coors Field.

  • That is so true. They should have done a presale and then done the graphics once the team had won the ALCS. That way the presale owners could either get them at the window or on gameday. Its all about planning in the Sports and Entertainment industry.