Adaptive Blue and the Semantic Web

Semantic Web.  Implicit Web.  Web 3.0.  Lot’s of happy new buzz phrases being tossed about.  Of course, the academic one is “semantic web” – all the rest are made up trendy things. 

While there are plenty of abstract ideas about this, and lots more simple instantiations that are tiny pieces of the concept, Alex Iskold of Adaptive Blue is going after the whole enchilada in a way even my father would enjoy.  I’ve known Alex for a while via his writing and my small investment in Adaptive Blue and I love the way his brain works around a variety of topics, including The New Rules of Technology VC.

Jennifer Zaino interviewed Alex the other day in an article titled The Semantic Curmudgeon and nailed a bunch of stuff.  If this topic interests you, it’s a good read.

  • Dave

    I’m with Alex. There are still a lot of sites (including banks, military contractor sites, etc.) that don’t even work with Firefox (which, by the way, follows the actual standards, vs. IE which does not). And people think websites are going to be annotated with this RDF metadata? Good luck.

    Systems that understand language are the answer – and natural language/semantic processing systems are further along than one might think.