Sling Media Acquired by EchoStar

Today EchoStar announced that is has acquired Sling Media for $380 million in cash.  My partner and 2007 travel buddy Ryan McIntyre is smiling tonight as he crawls into bed and reflects on another great deal on the heals of his successful investment in Postini (acquired in July by Google for $625 million.)  I’d recommend that he snuggle up to a Slingbox, but I’ll restrain myself.

Ryan has written a nice essay on the story of his experience with Sling Media.  The Sling team – led by Blake Krikorian – has created a great company and a superb set of products.  I knew I was in love when I turned over my first Slingbox and noticed a little sticker with the phrase “Lebowski” on it.  Sling packed an incredible amount of innovative software (and a tiny bit of hardware) into a plastic box that was mostly filled with air.  The magic was in the software (dynamic video-stream-optimization technology called Lebowski) which reinforced our view that “it’s all about the software.”

Guys – awesome job.  EchoStar – you guys just made a really smart purchase.

  • Bill

    Wow Brad, what a string of deals! Congrats to you and your team!!!!

    Incidentally, what does this mean to the Sling consumer – is Echostar going to take this technology in-house and lock us non-Dish customers out in the cold?

  • Bill – there’s a good interview with Blake Krikorian on paidcontent where Blake states that Sling will remain operator agnostic.

    Operator agnostic: Despite the deeper connection with EchoStar, an investor since early 2006, Krikorian insists the company will remain

  • good insights from brad and ryan. having worked for a big media company (turner/time warner) as well in the video streaming/infrastructure world (ibeam broadcasting)…this acquisition by charlie/e-star is a smart move. having only met charlie twice, i know he is hyper competitive and id really be surprised if things remain agnostic with sling. their(satellite) world is all about subscriber acquisition and retention…and competitive differentiation with directv and the cable ops, so that their base continues to increase, not to mention earnings. just watch advertising on tv to see how they are always trying to outdo one another and this acquisition will be one that im believing echo will tout alone…

  • fewquid

    Congratulations! This is a great follow on from Postini. You’re having quite the year!