Master Chief In Training Shows Up At Harvard

As an MIT grad I periodically acknowledge that there was a thing referred to as a university down the river from me.  They have this statue of a dude named John Harvard in one of the yards.

John got a makeover today ala Halo 3.  Nice helmet John.

  • Qian Wang

    That’s nicely done. It reminds me of an episode involving this statue a few years back when I was still at MIT. A couple of guys rented the Tim the Beaver costume and went to take some (possibly disrespectful) pictures with the statue of JH, but they were intercepted by some Harvard students and in the ensuing scuffle, one of Tim’s hands was snatched away by one of the Harvard guys. This of course led to a great deal of unseemly gloating around Harvard Square. An MIT team organized a SWAT style raid on the dorm room of the perp, but was discovered by the roommate and failed to recover the purloined hand/glove. Things looked grim for the good guys. But then Tech ingenuity came through as a couple of MIT students presented themselves to the perp as reporters from the Harvard Crimson. Under the pretext of writing an article about the delinquent’s exploits and needing a picture of the loot, the MIT guys got their hands on Tim’s hand and promptly ran away from the stunned Harvard student. Tim’s hand, MIT’s honor, and balance of the Force were thus restored. It wasn’t the most technically challenging hack, but I like it for the social engineering that made excellent use of the Harvard guy’s vanity.

  • Steve Bergstein

    You may recall that this is called “The Statue of Three Lies”. The plaque says something like, “John Harvard, founder, Harvard University, 1638.”

    1) John Harvard didn’t found Harvard University
    2) Harvard University wasn’t founded in 1638
    3) The statue isn’t actually of John Harvard (he died portrait-less so a model was used)


    Of course, MIT grads love to point this out.

  • Pius Uzamere

    Haha, I remember that incident Qian.

    Brad, has anyone claimed responsibility for the Halo 3 hack?

  • David Albert

    Master Chief…hmmmmm. And who makes/sells that game for what platform??? Send Balmer and Gates (now that we gave him a H diploma) the bill to clean John’s head. although it IS a stylish helmet.