When Your Umbrella Is Connected to the Internet

I’ve been a fan of Ambient Devices for a while – I’ve got an Ambient Orb on my desk that turns different colors based on the temperature outside.  This morning – after a smelly run on Sunset in LA to the parallel universe that is Beverly Hills and back to the hotel – I noticed that Ambient had just released the Ambient Umbrella


I love it.  I know of a bunch of different companies that are working on integrating the Internet with a wide variety of every day products.  Some of the applications are simple while some are complex – many of them will radically change the way we interact with our “computers.”  And the really smart ones will make the underlying platforms available to anyone.  Remember – It’s the API, Stupid.

  • Martha

    Oh this is VERY cool! Where can I get one?

  • Very cool. I’d love an ambient remote linked in with a Tivo API. Green= turn it on, Red= don’t bother.

  • Thanks Brad. You just helped take care of my Christmas shopping for this year!

  • meg

    I have to admit that it’s a bit disconcerting to just finish reading, “integrating the Internet with a wide variety of every day products” and then see a Viagra ad at the bottom of your post. Invariably my next thought is internet connected medications that alert doctors whether or not you’re compliant. (Ah, this would be such a good thing for my bi-polar friends who like to stop taking their meds when they’re on a feel-good manic upswing, but it’s an utterly unnerving thought for privacy concerns none-the-less.)

  • My favorite one of those was from back during the bubble, but I still liked it: The Internet Toaster.

    Put in the bread and it would come out with the forecast in an image on the toast.


  • This is the sort of thing MS should be doing with SPOT / MSN Direct rather than oversized phones and traffic aware coffee makers 😉

  • The Ambient Umbrella is available from Hammacher. Soon others…