Lijit Blog Explore aka Bubbles

Stan James just wrote a post titled Explore the world of blogs around you which describes the new Lijit Blog Explore feature.  I’ve been calling this feature “bubbles” and if you look at the image below you’ll see why.


Pretty colors, eh?


Try it.  Go to my blog and click on the “Explore” button on the right hand side in the Lijit Wijit.  Then – click on the little bubbles and navigate around my social graph

Stan explains the orange (fans of) / green (friends) / blue (follows) colors in depth and how Lijit figures these relationships out.

The Lijit registration process and setup is simple – they just got a great call out on Ouriel Ohayon’s blog post titled Execution is the key #7: the magic funnel.”

If you aren’t yet Lijit, it’s time to try it.  Social graphs aren’t just for Facebook users.

  • Great! Another way for me to feel socially inadequate… lol. I jest. Lijit is pretty cool. You should talk up the blog stats they throw in for free…those were a very pleasant surprise for me.

    But (semi)seriously, sometimes I feel like the whole ‘social networking’ thing is causing a schism between the ‘have socially networked friends’ and the ‘have-not socially networked friends.’

    How does one convince friends that it’s worth their while to sign up for all these things? I’m thinking something like “Please join SocialNetworkX so I won’t look like such a friend-less loser.” Think it’d work? 🙂

  • All of these Widgets may be cool, but they are making the blogs I used to read too “busy”. I am just not interested in weeding through so much stuff to get the content I was looking for (RSS feeds are my friend). Otherwise, it’s just one more thing that could eat up my time.