Broadband Internet on Airplanes

I am so pleased that American Airlines and Lufthansa are launching broadband internet (via WiFi) on their airplanes starting in 2008.  I’ve been so bummed to have to sit quietly on planes and read a book while not being connected to the Internet.  Soon, in addition to being able to surf the web, I’ll be able to crank up Skype and chatter away with my loved ones to my heart’s content.  I know my seat mate will appreciate this.  The poor folks at the FAA must be so confused about what they can and can’t allow to be on during flight.

Now, if I could just find a power supply in an airport.  Or on an airplane.

  • I just read that the Virgin line of planes is coming to America as well and they will have Wifi and if your seat has is power enabled on the plane try this

  • Business and First Class usually have a power outlet in the seat, or at least British Airways does. It was a lifesaver on my flight back from London a few days ago.

    Can’t wait for wifi in the plane. I’ve gotten to the point where my laptop is pretty much useless without internet – can only use it for entertainment purposes (music, movies…).

  • I just read that the Virgin line of planes is coming to America as well and they will have Wifi and if your seat has is power enabled on the plane try this

  • proales

    Maybe they will take the crack dealer approach… give you the internet for free but charge for the power outlet.

  • Martha

    This is very cool – as long as they can keep cell phones off the planes!

  • Woot! I always fly back and forth via Lufthansa, so I’ll be enjoying that next time I fly home to visit…

    I was actually digging around for information about on-plane power supplies and found this site:

    They have diagrams for the planes of every airline detailing which seats have what (including power supply) and it looks like most airlines already have it, but only in business class. It looks handy for picking a comfortable seat ahead of time as well, which is good for me since I’m 6’6″…

  • Steve Bergstein

    Just because the feature is there doesn’t mean that you have to use it.

    OTOH, it would be really, really great to have power for my laptop on the plane. I can usually find an outlet somewhere in most airports, though.

  • UA Business has it.. Powerbook laptops (running vista of course) have a nifty little mag connect version you can get at the apple store. Used it going to paris and back.. Wifi would be killer…

  • Oliver Schmid

    AA has on most of its flights “cigarette lighter type” power outlets in every seat in business class and one in at least every other row in coach.
    What’s next? Cell Phones will be allowed during flight. Can you imagine the noise level. Thank god for Bose Headsets.

  • T Man

    Skype and other services will be blocked.

  • Fredrik

    I was sure they already offered it across the atlantic? At least SAS already has wifi. Works great 🙂

  • Rune

    They used to have it on trans-atlantic routes, but it was shut down last year, at december 31st 2006! Due to lack of customers! SAS and all other customers were left out in the dark, but the could keep the equipment, whitch was the porperty of CBB/Boeing! The only part of the deal between CBB and the airliners, was that the airliners would provide the aircraft, all other cost was held by CBB! I hope that SAS and the other airlines soon will come up with a new solution, as lufthansa is going to!