A CEOs Thoughts on Collaboration

I had breakfast with Matt Blumberg – the CEO of Return Path – yesterday.  I’ve worked with Matt for at least six years and love the way his brain works.  During my frustrating quest for the best chocolate croissant in Boulder (so far all of the ones I’ve found appear to be exactly the same – I’m guessing there is one chocolate croissant distributor in town) we talked some about “collaboration.”

Matt has been writing a book (actually – a series of blog posts) on collaboration titled Collaboration is Hard.  So far there are three parts: 1, 2, and 3.  Matt goes deep on how he thinks about this as a CEO and how they approach this at Return Path. 

We must be getting to the end of the summer – I’m starting to see more deep, thoughtful, reflective blog posts in my feed reader each morning vs. the typical “news” or “repost” type of stuff (although I recognize the irony that my two posts this morning have been “hey – read that other guy” type of things.)  Time for a run – maybe I’ll come up with something creative on my own.

  • I like your posts that redirect me to other good stuff, but I can’t wait for more of your posts that channel “The Architect.” I need some more juicy implicit web and defrag stuff; it’s better than a chocolate croissant and fewer calories.

  • John May


    Since you a ravenous on reading you might want to check out a book called “Collaboration Explained” written by Jean Tabaka – Rally agile coach. If you cannot buy it I am sure Tim will supply one at no cost.

  • fewquid

    Nothing is better than a good chocolate croissant…

    Behold! http://www.croissantster.com/

  • The Kitchen has the BEST chocolate croissant I’ve had in Boulder. It has a wonderfully thick milk chocolate ribbon down the center, all the way through. Paired with their house-brewed coffee — an awesome combo.

  • Brad,

    I’m a recent reader of your blogs and appreciate the wide range of insight you provide in the tech space. I also appreciate Matt’s thoughts on collaboration, as it is a core component of our core business. While our perspective of collaboration is primarily a metasystemic one, represented by the internet and global connectivity, Matt’s recognition of similar challenges and benefits at the enterprise level are well illustrated.

    Thanks for sharing your perspective with the rest of us.

    David Bayer
    DataBanq Media