Who Says Nerds Can’t Dance?

Todd Vernon – the CEO of Lijit – went on vacation last week.  While searches continued to happen, the gang from Villij got together with the some of the Lijit folks and they worked on a new top secret project.

Yeah, well.  I’m not sure that’s what he meant when he said “keep up the good work” before heading to Paris.

  • Yancy

    I’m without words…

  • JB

    All I can say is…



  • What’s the name of that disco /dance song? I want to download it.

  • fewquid


    Just kidding. Our choreography is waaaay different. And we have Hammer Pants too.

  • @Ben – (from Stan @ Lijit) – Yes. And we didn’t even download it…just had the YouTube video playing on one of the laptops. (Don’t tell Hammer’s lawyer!)

  • D Ashcart

    Villij + Lijit = Villij Ijit?

  • fewquid

    @Brad: Given Hammer’s wild career ride, I doubt he still owns the song at this point… Besides, he probably doesn’t want a Streisand Effect occurring with _that_ version of his choreography 😉

  • @D Ashcart, Villi + Lijit = Lillij.