What Me Worry?

Several of you had “pleasant” reactions to the childhood photo I posted yesterday (where “pleasant” is most definitely a euphamism.)  One of you who is of my generation and shares my sense of humor (and will remain unnamed to protect you from certain persecution), pointed out the similarity to one of our childhood icons, Alfred E. Neuman.


I had forgotten many of the old Alfred E. Neuman quotes, but since the web is such a wonderful place it was easy to find them along with some great Spy vs. Spy pictures.  One of my all time favorites is “It takes one to know one — and vice versa!”  Recursion appealed to me when I was seven, even though I had no idea what it was.

  • harry

    here is a song abaut alfred
    alfred is so ugly so ugly so ugly you dont know wy wy jou made hem so ugly so ugly

    thank you tu lissen to this song