Snakes On A Plane

Or in a backyard.  Yes – my backyard. 


Amy has the full story on her blog in her post Q: When is a Sprinkler not a Sprinkler?  No one died (including the snake) but some expletives were spoken.  Fortunately I was at my office so all I got was the play by play via the telephone.  If you are a snake lover (or just like red patio furniture), click here for an extensive photo retrospective.

  • Ted Guggenheim

    Aaaw . . . it’s just a baby . . . :>)

  • kip

    its time like these that I am glad that our snakes in the northeast are small.

  • Dave

    You may need to deal with it permanently. Once they find a place they like, they’ll keep coming back. And then they have babies….

  • tlanger

    methinks he’s looking for his bear friend…if they come in 3

  • Ok, Cross boulder off cities I want to live in.

  • John May


    We live in Golden on Lookout Mountain and deal with a few snakes. The best thing to do is call animal control. They will relocate the snake. They are territorial and keep other snakes away. If y ou kill them other snakes will move in to try to take over the territory. It is best to mitigate. However, having them around people and dogs is not a good thing. Your vet can give your dogs a shot to protect them specifically from rattlesnakes.

  • Toffer

    If you have a dog or cat, you are lucky it didn’t investigate this visitor.

  • Jonathan Chauncey

    Thats pretty small compared to some of the ones we have in South GA =)

  • Having spent a majority of my life in Western Diamondback rattlesnake habitat, the picture and story bring back many memories.

    My fondest one is when I was in grad. school up in Ft. Collins at Colorado State University. One roommate found the snake in the garage as he was looking for something, and kille dit with a shovle. The other roommate filleted it and used it to make chili that night.

    Just another reminder that much of the Colorado Front Range really still is the “Wild West” in many ways.

    I’m glad no one was hurt in the encounter.

  • Zach

    “It’s just a small one” ??? The young rattlers are the most deadly!

  • Tastes like chicken.