Google Acquires Postini

Yeah – it’s old news now (announced on Monday) but it has been a busy week with little sleep (due to the existence of a puppy in my life.) 


My partner Ryan (congrats man!) has the detailed version of the story if you are interested.  I’m extremely proud of the Postini team, especially the co-founder Scott Petry – for their amazing job in building this company.  It’s extra gratifying given that 42 days ago I wrote a post titled Google Acquires FeedBurnerCongrats to the folks at Google for acquiring another great company – now Google will really engage in the mission of eliminating the evilness of spam from the universe.

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    Do your LP’s flip out when you say something in public like “NEW PUPPY, NEW PUPPY, NEW PUPPY – oh yah I forgot, we sold a company”?