Football or Baseball

As a follow up to my Summer of ‘49 post, I give you the Rockies vs. Mets box score from yesterday.


Sorry Mets fans.  Looks like the Rockies finally made history by being the first team in 50 years to sweep two New York teams in the same season.  Of course, this came on the heals of a 1–9 run by the Rockies.  Lots of primes, a few cubes, and a lot of multiples of threes in these numbers.

  • The full box score of that game has what would appear to be a typo, Helton had 1 hit and 5 RBIs. How could that be?

    The answer is that he was at bat with the bases loaded and the Mets walked him, so he gets credit for an RBI, the cherry on top of his Grand Salami.

    The story from that game also had a great quote from a Mets player:

    “It was a helpless feeling this weekend. We couldn’t do anything to stop them. We could have had Jesus on the mound and they still would have gotten hits.”

  • I remember that game. It was a good one.