Bagging a Pair of Fourteeners

Colorado is a beautiful place.  I’ve lived her 12 years and while I’ve done plenty of hiking and trail running, I’ve never climbed a fourteener (mountain > 14,000 ft – there are 54 of them here.)  Today I climbed two of them – Grays Peak (14,270 ft) and Torreys Peak (14,267 ft.)


This is Joe Jilk, Maureen Amundson, Dave Jilk, me, and Jason Mendelson on the top of Grays Peak (the first one.)  Dave has a picture of us on top of Torreys on his Facebook page.

It was an awesome experience.  We spent Sunday night at my place in Keystone, got up at 4am, and were on the trail at 5:45am.  We got to the top of Grays around 8:30, bagged Torreys at about 9:30, and were back down to the trailhead at about 12:30 (about 8 miles round trip.)  I ran the last mile and then went another mile and half down the road until Dave drove by and rescued me from myself.  We finished it off with lunch in Idaho Springs at Two Brothers Deli and then headed home.

52 to go.  Here’s another shot for perspective.

  • Congratulations! It looks like a beautiful day for a long hike! Scenery like that is one of the great advantages of living in the Mountain West!


  • laurie

    lemme be the first to offer congrats! i admit i much prefer the pic of you giving someone (cameraman? the world in general? all those not up at 5 am today?) the finger…

  • Awesome! I love high altitude hikes. If you can avoid altitude sickness, the world is beautiful and surreal and wonderful up there.

  • Congratulations! At about what altitude did you start (isnt’ Keystone around 9k feet?)? That sounds like really great speed to me. Looks like it’s a little warmer than Pike’s Peak was a few weeks ago, too!

  • kip

    AWESOME! What a great accomplishment.
    That is so cool! Note to self: Time line for moving to Colorado needs to move up ASAP. I need to be there rather than out East.

  • I have climbed both of those peaks a few years back on a trip to Denver for my company. I am from CT so us “flatlanders” have a harder time getting used to the altitude. I have climbed many 14er’s since.

    I find it interesting that no matter how many pictures you take you can never capture the awe of Colorado’s huge mountains.

  • Brad:

    Thanks for the great pictures of 14ers in Colorado. How I Miss this 14er business in Colorado! In most gift shops there, you get a fabulous poster of the Colorado landscape in relief 3-D n(about 5ft wide and 1.5 ft in height) with all the fourteeners clearly labelled and you can see their relative heights as well as the actual hike length and elevation gain (some of them could be 8 miles and 6000ft gain while some of them the trailhead is nearer like around 10-12K ft and the hike itself is not much). We bought one of these posters and you can keep tab of the 14ers you have done by marking them with pushpins! Good way to visualize what you have done if hiking up all 14ers is something you want to do!


  • Luca Fabbri

    Funny – after 5 years in Colorado on Sunday I bagged my first fourteener too (Bierstadt). It was awesome (great views of Grays and Torreys among others), but despite the early start the peak was like standing near the information booth at Grand Central.

  • I did this a few years back and had a blow up dinosaur that I inflated at the top to take a picture with. Took a while to get it blown up!! That’s a great hike. Try Bierstadt next! I did this with my team at Dante Software the year we got started. Great team builder!

  • Hey Brad –

    Here’s a few pics I got from Quandary today of Grays and Torreys with some Flickr Notes to highlight them: